Aftermath: (S01E11) “Where The Dead Men Lost Their Bones”



There is a haunting beauty to the end of days, and the creators of this show go to great lengths to show you these breathtaking views and chaotic forces. 

Emotions are running high and Josh is fading in and out of madness. The plague is starting to take a toll on everyone. But this is the Copeland’s we are talking about. They seem to be an extraordinary family who have survived the odds, although that luck seems to be running on empty now. It’s only a matter of time before their world comes crashing down around them. How do you outrun the inevitable? 

Tetra is their main focus, they will not give up on Josh. So as Karen and Matt go on a search for the medicine. Dana and Brianna are left alone with their father, who has been put under for his own protection and others. It’s a role reversal now, when their father had always been a pillar to the family and looking out for them, they were the one who were looking out for him now. 

In true Aftermath fashion there is a new and bizarre development happening. There are random strangers popping up all over the place, claiming they had been in Seattle. Even though everyone in Seattle had disappeared into thin air. And that’s not the weird part (if you can believe it),  a white “whirlwind” keeps forming up in the sky. Sucking people back up into it. Somehow it’s all connected, and it keeps coming back to Josh.

Brianna decides she needs to help look for Tetra too, she can’t just sit around and watch her father succumb to his illness. This leaves Dana alone with her father. I’d love to say that things went smoothly, but Josh abruptly wakes from his medicine induced sedation and knocked Dana out, making his escape out into the world. 

The people in this town may not all be Feverheads, but they are certainly not innocent either. We find this out when Brianna is taken by gunpoint for being on the wrong turf. While Matt saves a girl from killing herself, finding that he actually had something in common with her and she has something he needs. Tetra.

At last, you feel as though the family is finally going to catch a break, but things can never come easy for the Copeland’s. The people who are now holding Brianna hostage are after the same drugs that will save Josh, and they are armed and dangerous. The whole ordeal ends in a stand-off where the family had been keeping themselves. And just when things looked like they wouldn’t end in their favour, in swoops Karen. The situation is diffused, and now they must find Josh. 

Unfortunately Josh has stumbled into hostile territory in his Feverhead stupor. Here they shoot first and never question when it comes to the plague. But there seems to be this force around Josh that saves him from these situations. One of the Seattle survivors comes to his rescue. “The Many is One” “The One is Many”. She’s connected too it seems. The answers are so close, yet so far away. 

Josh is on the cusp of life and death, but something is keeping him in the moment. As the woman assures him it’s okay to let go now and that “there’s no point” to fight. That ignites something inside of him. He is very aware of his family, and the sense of urgency to find them overwhelms him and takes off. I think in his heart he knew that they would never give up on him, that they would find him. And they do. Karen administers the Tetra just in time. 

Before they could catch their breath, the white whirlwind opens up in the sky above them. As Karen shields her husband, the other woman is sucked back up into the sky, and just like that she is gone again, back to the nothingness. She seemed to be sent back to earth for a reason, that reason was to keep Josh alive for some reason, and once her task was done, she wasn’t needed anymore. 

The family is together again, plus one, the girl Matt saved (Sarah) has joined their little band. It was a close call, but there is something bigger at work now. As they tune into the familiar prophet broadcasting on the radio waves, there is a haunting message that in two days time, the end will be upon them. They need to find the voice behind those cryptic and accurate messages, he may be their only saving grace, and the one who has the answers they seek. 

Two episodes left in this series, and there are so many things left unanswered. What is the end of the world going to bring? We will soon find out. 


Rating: 9/10