Bull: (S01S08) “Too Perfect”

 Jason’s ex-wife and Benny’s sister is in trouble. She’s named in a wrongful death suit when her product is believed to be the cause of death. Tonight we are introduced to Isabella Colon (Yara Martinez) a powerful business woman who is simply “Too Perfect” to defend and represent.   When her attorney gives Bull a call, he accepts and a chance to resolve some long past issues surface.  This is a good thing, for this is something that was missing in the staunch, starched and sly character of Jason Bull, in my opinion.  What lies beneath and how do we get there?

 During a staged performance in a very public place, Bull and Izzy fake an argument to get attention, showing the very vulnerable and not so perfect side of Izzy. They were counting on the curious and nastiness of those in ear shot to post on social media and to spread the word!  It worked, when the discussion turned real.  Ultimately Isabella is acquitted and another is arrested for what turns out to be a murder, due to product tampering.

 This is the usual and customary for Bull;  Accuse/Arrest/Acquittal.  The favor of the episode for me is the back story in this Family Affair; Jason, Isabella and Benny. Who will get the friends after a relationship break up is always sensitive territory; especially when the friend is your sibling.  It’s revealed Isabella and Benny had not talked in years, because of his betrayal.  She believed he sided with Bull.  This was not the case.  He just wanted a better job and the opportunity to shine!  She finally understood and reclaimed her position of loving big sister.  Bull and Isabella’s awkwardness is also smoothed out when they finally speak openly about their mutual loss, the miscarriage. How to mourn together is probably one of the greater mysteries of the universe; it’s no body’s fault and you share common ground. Yet break ups and divorces seem inevitable in the loss of a loved one so close.

 Finally Benny and Bull come together regarding their relationship, post divorce.  Benny wasn’t clear if Bull “claimed” him as a trophy or reward. Yet Bull makes it clear,” I knew that after my divorce there was one lasting part of my marriage I wanted to hold on to”  Methinks the feeling is mutual in this Bromance.