Impastor (S02E10) “Thy Neighbor’s Wife”

Plot Summary:

Buddy deals with the arrival of Alexa’s husband; Dora makes a frightening discovery; Schmidt’s engagement party takes an unexpected turn.

Tonight was the season finale for Impastor. All I have to say is AMAZING! It was a great finale! I didn’t expect it to end the way it did.

Last week when Impastor ended we were left with a big cliffhanger about Alexa. We learned more about her secret past.

That obviously left Buddy shocked and a little uneasy. Here Buddy was ready to take a huge step with Alexa and their relationship and she basically pulls the carpet out from under him. Buddy of course gets worried and tries to help her when she tell him about her husband’s past drinking issues.

Along with Alexa breaking the news that she is staying with her husband she also tells Buddy she loves him!

This instantly makes me think the big finale cliffhanger has something to do with Alexa, especially after telling Buddy she loves him.

As Buddy is dealing with Alexa and her husband Dora stumbles upon something huge while searching for a rare bird.

After Dora finds Damien she realizes she didn’t have her phone to call for help so when she goes to get her phone she runs into Buddy and fills him in on what she found.

He tries to convince her she didn’t see what she thinks she saw. To keep her from running off to Sheriff Graham Buddy drugs her so she would fall asleep. He also took her phone so she can’t call the sheriff. But unfortunately Buddy doesn’t realize he drops her phone in the woods. When Dora goes back to look for Damien’s body she finds her phone. This leads to Dora losing Buddy’s trust.

Another interesting story line in this week’s episode is Alden and Ashlee’s relationship. We finally figure out what Ashlee’s real intentions are with Alden.

She goes and asks Buddy to help convince Alden to marry her sooner rather than later. Of course you know his advice to Alden will be very heartfelt. During the ceremony Buddy ends up getting a mysterious text and runs off without any kind of warning.

Once Buddy gets to the airport to help Alexa he gets a major surprise. I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened. I don’t think anyone was expecting it.

The cliffhanger for the season two finale was huge! I honestly still can’t stop thinking about what happened. I definitely wasn’t expecting any of it. I am hoping TV Land renews Impastor so we can see how Buddy gets out of the very sticky situation he is in now.

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