NCIS NOLA: (S03E08) “Music to My Ears”

 “Just like, it’s none of my business that you told everyone else on the team about your love child except me. It doesn’t mean a thing. We’re good”-Percy
 “So, wait, you are mad”-LaSalle

Melody and baby Tucker are back in this episode and introductions are made at the front door of LaSalle, when Percy stops by to pick him up for a case near by. We’ve been waiting for this,  but she didn’t stay mad at her “country mouse” long enough. Yet there’s always next week. In the main story:

Something is hidden in the home of Petty Officer, Heather Cobb (Kanesha Washington) and an intruder killed her for it. She was a very talented trumpeter, as is her exceptionally talented nephew, Dustin. (Zailand Adams) Although he did not see the intruder, he may have heard enough to make him an ear-witness.

Meanwhile Sebastian wanting to do more, since his “Escape Plan” adventure, is constantly in and around the crime scene. He finds an environmental  contaminate behind Dustin’s school that causes respiratory distress (PCB) Polychlorinated biphenyls, just as Pride rushes Dustin to the hospital during a coughing up blood spell. Apparently Heather discovered the problem and was killed before she could report it to authorities, by construction foreman, Theo (Joshua Bitton) “Born under a bad sign” an old blues hit, was instrumental in solving the case and was played beautifully in a duet by Pride (on piano) and Dustin (trumpet) it was a very unique clue that supported the ear witness’ identification of the murderer.

At last, a Cartel mention in this episode, justifies Gregorio’s continued presence in New Orleans. Javier Garcia (Julian Acosta) is Cartel and owner of the construction project, using it to do whatever the Cartel does.

Finally with Brody gone, there is an opening on the Pride team. In looking for a greater life’s purpose, adventure and excitement after the aforementioned “Escape Plan” Sebastian steps up to train as an agent.  Pride supports him in his career choice, while Gregorio over hears and crumbles her application to transfer to the unit. So she’s back to DC with Isler for now; until someone finds the crumbled application, of course.