Supernatural (S12E08) “Lotus”

supernatural season 12 episode 8 - Supernatural (S12E08) "Lotus"

Welcome to the mid-season finale episode you guys! Just wanted to let you know if you haven’t heard that Supernatural won’t be returning with a new episode until January 26th, 2017 at there new time at 7pm to 8pm. I know, the wait!!!!

Lucifer’s new vessel is now a Bishop, after he left the body of the CEO of pretty much everything behind for the boys to investigate. Dean & Sam do search the church where the Bishop is located after pointing out all the obvious clues an connections the CEO had to the churches. But instead of the boys going in an all out battle they end up finding death.

Dead Fathers, Dead Nuns, & now a Dead Bishop with no Lucifer. Where did he go now? Guess who, the big man of it all. The president of the United States of America! How will the boys face the president! The president! Luckily it wasn’t all that hard…sort of. Crowley was the one to save them again of letting them know that Lucifer is the President. An he also was the one to inform the boys of his inside source that he has in the White House. Since obviously they have no Plan A, B, or C at all. There going to need extra help for this one.

Rowena. This lovely witch, all she wants is to be loved. But sadly her new fiance cheated on her so Crowley snapped his neck for his old mummy. They boys head out on the road to the next destination to get there new plan going; they found out Lucifer has a bit of a lover. Also, Cas heard the Angel Radio & it’s not good news at all. A creature (forgot the name) was going to be born between an angel & a human. Which is really more bad then good since it’s Lucifer’s baby. Did I mention that Lucifer wasted no time tracking the boys down to have them eliminated, surprisingly the British Men of Letters arrived. With a grenade launcher. Crap, we hate them.

Artistic British man can’t trust the boys but they need his help. Or more likely his fun hunting toys help instead. Lucifer’s lover, Kelly, does eventually figure out she’s pregnant. An before she can inform anyone major Crowley teleports her away. Now everyone at this point is no help at all explaining the situation to this woman & how she shouldn’t have that baby. Only Cas gets through to her when she sets the bible on fire cause she has a unholy being within her. Doesn’t take long for her to call Lucifer & drag him right into the trap. Surprisingly, that Egg Device worked really well with casting him away. Two Problem though led after. Side Problem, Crowley & Rowena fled (normal). 1st Problem: Dean & Sam get arrested by the secret service, an are arrested for almost assassinating the president. 2nd Problem: Cas takes Kelly to a cafe to calm her down but she runs away! Kelly is dumb, she wants to keep Lucifer’s baby. That is not a good thing at all!

P.S. I for one am excited that Lucifer’s child will be born! For they can finally have there own personal Damien in the Supernatural universe! There own OMEN! I loved the OMEN movies by the way, that’s why I’m excited.

Well see you all in January! Happy Holidays to all!