The Flash (S03E09) “The Present” (Mid-Season Finale)

Okay so there was so much that had happened in this crazy Mid-Season finale episode! First off we got a look into Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) future for a small glimpse but I will get to that shock in a little while. I have to admit though this big bad speedster villain Savitar (Andre Tricoteux) is literally the second best villain in Flash history for the show now. I mean no one can top Reverse Flash, no one! I don’t care what people say, you can’t top my number one best villain for the Flash series. And I also have to say having Mark Hamill on the show again was an amazing performance his Earth-3 Trickster was literally a homage to his version of The Joker from the Batman animated series and I have to say being a Mark Hamill fan for all of my life it was a good homage to his Joker but just being the Trickster but the fans of that animated Joker will always know the truth behind that performance in this episode! But enough of that lets get to this crazy good episode!

In this episode Barry (Grant Gustin) speeds to Earth-3 to request for Jay Garrick’s (John Wesley Shipp) help, but Jay is currently hand cuffed by the Trickster (Mark Hamill) after robbing a bank. When Barry speeds to help Jay, the Trickster is so baffled he makes the jokes of something must be wrong with his vision cause hes seeing double of the Flash. When the police then take the Trickster away to the highly armored truck the Trickster makes jokes about Jay’s helmet. Barry then asks Jay for his help in dealing with Savitar; When the two speedsters get back to Earth-1, Barry asks Jay what he knows about Savitar (Andre Tricotuex) but sadly Jay doesn’t know much only that he’s the first speedster ever created by creating the philosopher’s stone (I see what they did there just because they have Tom Felton in the series they can make a little Harry Potter pun in there by having the original title from the Harry Potter books “philosopher’s stone” before it was called ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ being titled as the actual name of the stone that Alchemy uses to call upon Savitar) which gave Savitar his powers.

But to Jay’s knowledge Savitar is only a myth and that Barry is the only one he knows that has ever seen Savitar. When the alarms go off revealing that Alchemy (Tom Felton) (voice of Alchemy and Savitar: Tobin Bell) is throwing off some major energy readings from the satellites. Barry and Jay are about to speed off to go up against Savitar when Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Harrison H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) walk in from training wondering whats going on, when Wally reveals hes been training and is ready to help Barry. Barry says no, and says to Wally and H.R. they will talk about it later. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) also agrees they will talk about it later; Barry and Jay then speed off to the harbor to stop Alchemy from awakening all of the meta-humans from Flashpoint to serve Savitar. Alchemy then calls upon Savitar, Barry makes sure that Jay can see him and Jay confirms it but tells Barry to take care of Alchemy and he will take care of Savitar. Savitar then does the awesome speed acceleration teleportation effect with dragging Jay through the acceleration force (I guess thats what I can call it since there is a speed force) Savitar accelerates Jay to a park then to the wall of a building then to the sky then to the roof of a building then to the edge of the building then finally to the other side of the wall of a building only to speed punch Jay down telling him its not his fight.

Barry then does the lightning throw to knock out Alchemy and takes the stone to its box. Savitar then disappears; When Barry and Jay get back to Star Labs they try figuring out what the box is. When Julian aka Alchemy (Tom Felton) wakes up he then asks the Flash why hes being kept like a prisoner. Flash then reveals how Julian is Alchemy but Julian doesn’t believe him. So Julian becomes uncooperative, Barry then makes the hard call to reveal he’s the Flash; after so Julian reveals hes been having problems with losing track of periods of time that he can’t remember. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) then ends up seeing his dead brother Dante (Nicholas Gonzalez) telling Cisco to open the box, when Cisco opens the box Savitar is then released again. Barry is taken by Savitar through Star Labs being beaten around no one knows what to do but Wally then speeds down to face off against Savitar. Savitar begins beating down Barry and Wally; Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) then begs Cisco to let go of Dante because he’s gone and theres nothing that can be done about that. Cisco finally closes the box Savitar then goes away again. Barry then wants to find out answers by putting Julian under a seance idea of getting answers from Savitar. When Savitar makes contact with Team Flash he reveals he knows all about every single one of them, he knows one will betray them (possibly Caitlin fully becoming Killer Frost), one will die (possibly Iris) and one will suffer a fate far worse than death (possibly Barry in Infinite Crisis but wont know till it happens). When Savitar then tells Barry that hes been waiting to exact his revenge for years because of what future Flash did to him (makes future Barry [the smart one] seem like a big dick) and now that Savitar is able to be freed Savitar will make his revenge known to all, the team unhooks Julian from the device and he is brought back to his normal self.

Barry and Jay then create a plan to throw the box into the speed force thinking it will get rid of the problem of Savitar. When the two speedsters go into the pipeline to create the portal of the speed force the speed force reacts back to Barry when they throw the box into the portal. Revealing 5 months from now (possibly May 6,2017) Barry will be meeting Savitar on Ignatino street to try to save Iris but ends up being too late and Savitar kills Iris. Jay pulls Barry back through the speed force to Barry’s present time. Barry then asks Jay if thats whats going to really happen to Iris but Jay tells Barry what he saw is one of million possibilities that can happen at that point in the time line.

The West family then ends the episode with everyone at their house for the annual Christmas party especially with Joe’s new love interest which he finally kisses Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet). Wally then gets his Christmas present which ends up being his Kid Flash suit! Iris then asks Barry if hes going to give her, her Christmas present which Barry reveals its a suite apartment that the two of them will live in for the rest of their lives.

Next Episode: The Flash (S3E10): Borrowing Problems From The Future airs Tuesday January 24, 2017 (I know we have to wait sooooooooooooo long)