Arrow: (S05E08 and S05E09) “Invasion!” and “What we leave behind”

Review: I didn’t have the time to watch the episode from the last week, so I just decided to catch up this week and talk about two episodes for a change!

I’ve seen quite positive comments about the DC crossover, but this particular episode didn’t end up impressing me, at all. It was one big hallucination for some of the characters – Ray, Thea, Oliver, Sara, Diggle … I’ll say it was nice seeing a different kind of a timeline and there’s this thing that the creators of the DC shows have where they really appreciate and respect their actors, which is really obvious, because they constantly mention characters that died/went away and they used them for the hallucinations as well … And that’s the one thing I like.

Well, actually let me rephrase that – I don’t like the fact that the show is “obsessed” with Laurel. They’ve been using her for this entire season and you can just see how desperate they are to give the fans of Laurel&Oliver a romantic closure by almost making them marry each other in the hallucination …

OTHERWISE … I like that they used the characters that are gone: Roy, Moira and Robert – for an example. And Tommy was obviously missing for me!

Sadly, there was too much supernatural hocus-pocus stuff that I didn’t like in the previous season, either. Including aliens? I feel like that wasn’t necessary. It was simply an average episode.

The ninth episode … The funniest part of the episode is the fact that Evelyn is this big “traitor” … While the actress seems like the most vulnerable and innocent thing ever. I know that Evelyn feels betrayed, because of what happened to her family and blah-blah, but I just don’t believe her she is angry.

However … It’s not all bad! What I liked about this episode is that it was focused on one, “new” villain. Sure, Prometheus is always somewhere in the back, but the episode wasn’t exactly centered at him. It looked more like a season 1 episode of Arrow and I’m very excited about that! It’s probably the first episode of this season that I actually liked.

I also liked the throwback clips (that went back to season 1 material, I think) and the awkward Felicity. That was very cute!

And it really sucks that Felicity’s new boyfriend had to die, because I found them likeable … However, we knew it was going to go in one of two ways: he’d be the bad guy, somehow, or he’d end up dying. No shock here, just a bit of sadness.

The episode ends with Laurel … Being alive? Being a freaking ghost? I don’t know, you tell me? Is she seriously coming back, somehow?