Legends of Tomorrow (S02E08) “Invasion!”

In the final part of the crossover, the Flash Team, Arrow Team and Legends come together with Supergirl to defeat The Dominators.

Now that our heroes are off the Dominators’ ship, Oliver plans to take a hostage and find out why these creatures want to take over Earth so badly; thankfully, Steel has a plan.

With everyone agreeing, Oliver is not a fan of a certain Kryptonian coming along, he asks Supergirl to stay behind. (Honestly, that is not the best idea. Come on Oliver. Don’t get unnerved.)

Earth-2 has some serious issues with the Dominators when it comes to the second half of the 20th century, but thankfully Dr. Stein, Dr. Snow and Dr. Stein are on the case.

Landing in 1951, Felicity slightly embarrasses herself and the team is off.

“You look like a star-spangled idiot.”

With Amaya, Nate, and Mick are all looking for a “weak alien”, Felicity learns just how badly Barry messed up the timeline when it comes to Cisco’s emotional headspace.

Back at Star Labs, Caitlin learns that Professor Stein sees Lily Stein as an aberration in time, since she should never have existed in the first place.

Thanks to a straggler, Mick does his Heatwave thing and Nate Steel’s himself, but are almost immediately surrounded by the mysterious man and his goons, but thankfully, tech support is on their way.

Coincidently, Nate, Amaya and Mick are put in the same room as the Dominator that was captured. A perfect time to question the extraterrestrial.

Speaking of being surrounded by government thugs; Arrow, Flash, Canary and ATOM took the bait for a trap and are surrounded by the same mysterious man the Legends met from the 1950s.

Back in the 50s bunker, the Dominator tells the time travelers that the appearance of the JSA brought them to Earth to discover if they are a threat to the alien force.

Using the speed force, Barry takes out some of the suits, but must deal with a sniper; leaving the other three to take out the rest. As it turns out, the government sees metahumans as much of a threat as the Dominators.

Thanks to the cavalry, the Legends in the 50s can escape the bunker and let the Dominator escape the government thanks to Cisco’s good dead and are on their way back to 2016.

With Barry and the gang questioning the man with the glasses, everyone learns that Flashpoint is what brought the Dominators back to Earth, and they have to technology to detect changes in the timeline. As if that were not bad enough, the man in the glasses has struck a deal to give up The Flash in exchange for the peace treaty to be reestablished with the Dominators.

In Central City, the Dominator that was saved tells the Waverider that Barry Allen must sacrifice himself to save all of Earth’s metas.

Now that the Dominators are invading Earth, Cisco and Nate manage to vibe up to the ship, and the Dominator that was saved has some valid points on metas who possess powerful abilities, but have vile and cruel intentions.

Cisco takes the words to heart and has second thoughts about his hatred of Flashpoint and what Barry did to the timeline and realizes that messing with time always has consequences.

While the Stein family has figured out a way to stop the Dominators, Barry has agreed to surrender to the invaders and everyone steps up to stop him.

The Dominators ships are opening all around the world and the meta bomb is about to drop, killing all metas along with roughly 2 million other people, but Dr. Stein has a solution.

After a pretty awesome battle scene (and a 90s-action movie quote from Ray Palmer), Kara Zor-El saves the Emerald Archer and with Felicity’s blessing, Supergirl and The Flash are off to tag every Dominator with Dr. Stein’s weapon

Thanks to a tractor beam (without Cisco’s help. Come on buddy.) and Firestorm transmuting the meta bomb, the Dominators make a full retreat!

Back at the Hall of Justice hanger, the entire crossover team has a few drinks to celebrate saving the world. A real heart to heart between Oliver, Barry, and Kara happens complete with a group hug.

Thanks to Cisco’s brilliant mind, Kara can now jump between Earths and even give Heatwave a call.

Seems the man in glasses, Agent Smith has met Kara Zor-El and is dealt with the classic Kara Danvers out of this world adorable smirk.

When Kara leaves back for her Earth, Oliver and Sara reflect on how everything started with them and John and Barry bury the hatchet.

The episode ends with Barry and Oliver having some drinks at the bar and reflecting on if things were ‘normal’.

“To things not being normal.”

“To life being full.”



Wow. What a way to end a crossover.

Sadly, as far as Legends episodes go, it was meh, but crossover wise, it was absolutely fantastic. Cisco finally ended his beef with Barry, Kara and Oliver had it out (only to reconcile), and Stein realized how much he cared for his daughter that he always never had. PLUS, we can see Kara again in the future! I cannot wait for next year’s crossover! 10/10