Vikings S04E12 “The Vision”

This episode begins with Ragnar looking like a Beggar King, trying to convince his people to sail with him to England. The response as to be expected is underwhelming and results in one farmer spitting in his face. This scene is a firm reminder that Ragnar, the Viking warrior, is a far cry from the man he once was. There is no way that Ragnar from a decade before would have walked away after being treated with such contempt and insolence. The Ragnar we see now is truly a changed man, a calmer version perhaps. Travis Fimmel conveys so much without saying anything and he’s ability to do that should be commended.

There can only be one Queen in Kattegat and according to Lagertha it will never be Aslaug. This episode brought to the forefront an anger that has been slightly brewing for years on Lagertha’s part. Lagertha is finally ready to take back what she feels Aslaug took from her and we can be assured that Aslaug won’t give in that easily. Lagertha has come to Kattegat under the premise of bidding farewell to Bjorn but it seems she came to set into motion a plan that has undoubtedly been years in the making. Katheryn Winnick may be relatively small in stature but when Lagertha walks into a room she commands the room with so much authority.  Lagertha proposes that as both her and Aslaug’s sons are off to raid together they hold a ceremony to ask for blessings from the gods. Aslaug’s retorts with, “You forget, I am Queen” to which Lagertha responds, “I forget nothing”. Aslaug then proceeds to do the ceremony by herself which angers Lagertha even more and she delivers a steely threat to Aslaug while the latter is still in an altered state of mind. Most fans have been anticipating a showdown between the two and it seems that this is but only the beginning of a momentous power struggle.

One of the most intriguing moments in this episode is Sigurd being so bold as to ask Aslaug to her face if she indeed bewitched Ragnar. He goes even further and mentions Harbard and we are all reminded of Asluag’s affair and love for the Wanderer. Ivar is of course the only one who comes to the defence of his mother and it is clear that he most likely suffers from an Oedipus Complex amongst other things.

The arrival of King Harald and his brother Halfdan to embark to Rome with Bjorn should be met with some wariness as we know Harald wants to take Ragnar’s throne. Bjorn may be wary of their presence but he needs them to raid and he so badly wants to prove his own worth and no longer live in his father’s shadow. We also learn that Rollo is still alive. Thank the gods. Bjorn must ask for his uncle’s help to get to Rome and he sends messengers and hopes that his uncle is willing to listen to his request.

Aslaug is terrified at the thought of Ivar sailing to England with Ragnar when he breaks the news to her. Aslaug then has a dream which she interprets as a vision that Ivar will die on the voyage and she begs him to stay but he is determined to prove he is not worthless. The episode is appropriately named “Vision” which could be referring to Aslaug’s premonition, Bjorn’s voyage to seek greatness and Lagertha’s plan to take what is rightfully hers.

Unfortunately, Aslaug was right, the episode ends on a cliffhanger with the ships sinking and Ivar sinking into the water as well. While the ships and Ivar are sinking, it would appear that Aslaug is sharing his pain. This scene points to the fact that Aslaug possesses some kind of supernatural power. At this stage one can only hope that Ragnar makes it to England alive to take his revenge on King Ecbert. We will have to wait and see if the Gods still greatly favour Ragnar as they once did.