Miss Sloane (2016)

Okay so for this film I seriously have to say I was really impressed with how this film came out to be. I was really worried at first about this film because the trailer made it seem like its one woman against the whole government but when I went to see the film it seemed to bounce but a good bounce between events that happened within present month and events that happened in months leading to present month but like I said it was a good bounce because this film actually let you know how many months they bounced back to to lead the audience to the court hearing. This film is literally about how one woman takes on a bill to subdue the boundaries of purchasing and owning a gun and how a company tries to fight against that bill by forcing the law to go deeper in making the gun purchasing a lot more harder to do. One quote from the film that really stuck with me is when Miss Sloane (Jessica Chastain) brings up the seriousness in the topic and says “Anyone that desperate to get their hands on a gun shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near one.”

So in the film we are taken in present day where Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) practicing with the political companies lawyer Daniel (David Wilson Barnes) the questions that will be asked upon the Capitol hill court hearing. As they are heading towards the court hearing, they continue to practice. The two of them get to the court hearing which then leads off towards the first events that happened months ago. Sloane was working trying to get her boss Mr. Dupont (Sam Waterson) to approve a educational trip to (pretty much) Asia but it was being denied or not approved so as Sloane with her assistant Jane (Alison Pill) are both stopped to meet with a Senator to discuss about a proposal that he’s had for the political firm to move forward with this bill for a very long time. The Senator then goes on to propose the bill for guns; women see guns as a threat that its killing their kids and nothing more but if they commercialize women using guns as a form of protection or anything bringing all genders together in a form of racial and gender equality of allowing a bill where all can buy guns through without having to be pushed out the doors because of their gender or body size.

Elizabeth Sloane laughs at the idea of this bill but then brings up that the bill will have many loopholes, because theres already a background check but there are hackers and criminals who can find loopholes even through the background checks and any person now in these days can get a gun from anyone, even a buddy or from some guy on the internet selling a gun on craigslist. When Sloane tells the Senator to his face that the bill would be a failure just like how he is the whole board is outraged trying to find ways to get back to her. During a gathering of Senators and other political business people Sloane’s job is to meet all of them. She is then approached by Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong) about a job opportunity to go against the business shes already employed with but with a bill that goes against all they are trying to change with the gun laws.

Sloane then goes with her instincts and sides with Schmidt’s company to get women and others to vote with Schmidt’s companies bill to keep the gun laws the way they are but even better. And so the war on the two companies begin with Sloane versus Dupont. Eventually the story gets back to the court hearing where they then reveal why every event they bounced to in the months leading up to the hearing were important, where Sloane reveals her trump card just before shes about to be sentenced to a certain amount of years in prison she reveals to all a link that they all type in revealing Congressman Sperling (John Lithgow) betrayal to his force of power taking him and George Dupont (Sam Waterson) take down. The story ends with Sloane getting out of jail after 6 months.

Honestly like I said before I was impressed with this movie and I was also impressed with Jessica Chastain’s performance she did a wonderful job. I was even happy to see Ennis Esmer which we all know him from his performance in Blindspot tv show but yeah he did a good job in this film too! I do have to say this film did have quite a few moments ‘what the hell’ moments but also had shocking moments where you were like “oh my god is this character going to die right now?” or even like “why did Sloane do that to that poor gun victim” you know things like that but don’t worry its a really good movie and I would recommend this film to anyone to watch!

I would have to rate this film: 5/5 stars!

Miss Sloane is now out in theaters!