The Goldbergs (S04E09) “Globetrotters”

Review: As a big fan of the Harlem Globetrotters, Barry is thrilled when Murray has two tickets to a game, but when he gets sick, Murray takes Adam instead. Against all odds, Adam actually enjoys himself and starts making up routines, just like the Globetrotters. When Barry finds out, he gets mad at Adam for using ‘his’ sport and crushing his dream. After Adam loses a game of basketball against his brother, Barry forbids Adam from doing any of his hobbies like karate, competitive kiting and of course Globetrotters. But he doesn’t list all his hobbies, so to get back at him, Adam claims some of his favorite things. And that’s how the rivalry between the two brothers got bigger. Barry starts doing some of Adam’s hobbies (moviemaking and obviously wearing glasses), but they want the issue solved so they play another game of basketball, but this time by the rules of the Globetrotters: whoever makes the basketball jocks laugh first, wins. But both teams suck and can’t really make anybody laugh, no matter how hard they try. Barry is however crowned the winner, but instead of gloating, he tells Adam that he doesn’t mind sharing his love for the Globetrotters with him.

It’s Murray’s 50th birthday and Bev wants to throw him a surprise party (not much of a surprise when he knows about it, but whatever lol), but Murray doesn’t want her to. When he accidentally powernaps through the whole party, Beverly gets angry at him and tells him that he doesn’t value the important moments of the family. He has to go through every scrapbook before he can do anything else to show Beverly that he cares, but to get out of it, he shows her how he marks the moments: their tax returns. However, Bev is not having any of it and is disappointed that Murray doesn’t care about their memories. To make it up to her, he throws himself a surprise party, which makes Bev very happy: “This is the best surprise party for you I’ve ever not thrown”.

This episode had a lot of great scenes, I especially liked the one where Murray shows Beverly the tax returns. I really didn’t expect Bev’s reaction there and I thought Erica was really funny in that scene as well. I also loved seeing Adam dressed as Barry and especially Barry dressed as Adam, with the glasses. I thought those were two really funny scenes. I thought this episode had a lot of great lines and also plenty of funny visual gags.

Not that I didn’t enjoy Pops’ witty comments this week (or any other week actually), but I would love to see an episode with a storyline where he has a big part because we haven’t seen that in a while.

Rating: 8.5/10

Also, I really hope the Adam F. Goldberg jokes keep coming because every week they’re hilarious!

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