The Great Indoors: (S01E07) “@emma”


Panda Mating. Strip Teases. Hot dogs appearing out of thin air. This episode seems to have a little bit of everything in it. Which makes for an entertaining half hour. 

Jack thinks Emma needs to be motivated somehow, so he and Brooke have a sit down with her, laying it all out on the table. Well Jack certainly did, exclaiming that Emma was not “irreplaceable” and that she needs to shape up. Emma took it a usual way, not phased and with minimal words. You know, business as usual. 

But that would make for a pretty boring episode, so of course something dramatic has to occur. Emma leaves Outdoor Limits to pursue bigger and better pastures and gets a job at one of the biggest online publications out there. 

As the crew at Outdoor Limits tries to adjust to the new “nature of things”. Jack and Roland take it upon themselves to try to fill Emma’s shoes, which proves to be harder than they initially thought. Roland keeps mistaking twitter for google and Jack doesn’t understand the way Instagram is supposed to work. They just don’t have the millennial flair, and fail miserably at the “easy” task. 

As Roland and Jack are celebrating their job well done at Eddie’s bar (who has decided to rebrand and make the bar “magic themed”), Brooke comes in to put them in their place. They are down in views, down in followers and are at risk of losing all of their sponsors. It turns out Emma was actually doing work for them, a lot of it. Eddie suggests hiring one of his family members who is a social media guru. 

Finally, Jack seemed to have the upper hand. The new hire seemed to be perfect for their site, until they realize how she draws the people to the site. She had posted some very, well let’s just say they were risqué photos and videos. It was effective, but now they have lost their sponsors, no one wants to be associated with that. Even if she did have a nice bum. 

They needed Emma back! After reassurance from Clark that she would come back, Roland, Brooke and Jack went out to do just that. She was actually the right fit for their company, had they lost her forever? Obviously not, it turns out that she wasn’t feeling the other place and even though Jack was going to continue to be a hard ass, she agreed to come back. It was where she was meant to be with her “fam”. 

Crisis averted, but I’m sure there will be more this season, at least I hope so! There is a great mix of “awwww” moments in with the funny parts, the episodes always seem to go by too fast. I can’t wait for another one! 


Rating: 8/10