Van Helsing (S01E13) “It Begins” (Season Finale)

Here it is my friends and viewers, Season 1’s Finale which I have to say was very satisfying it makes me want more and more and more now. We finally got answers to a question we all have been asking ourselves since this series began maybe even before the series began if you knew about the series being made! That one question is where in the family tree does Vanessa (Kelly Overton) exist at? And that answer was finally answered being as the Great Great Great Great Granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing who we all know as the man who killed Dracula but now more questions are raised too which I’m sure will be answered in Season 2 but still we all have these questions now! Like how did Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) get turned? When did Dylan get turned? Did Rebecca (Laura Mennell) always know that the woman they were after was Vanessa? Is Dimitri’s (Paul Johansson) identity really Dracula? You know we have all of these questions but yet I have confidence we will get answers within Season 2 whenever they choose to air it in 2017! But lets get to the episode!

In the episode we begin where we left off with Dimitri (Paul Johansson) caught Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and had her strapped down with a mask that was a combination of Bane with a little Hannibal Lector in the mix to that mask (which is not a bad combination). Dimitri goes on saying to Vanessa about her roots but Vanessa doesn’t believe him at first until he mentions her coming from royalty. Her family roots are from a family called “Van Helsing” with that info Vanessa doesn’t know what to do other than think of ways to escape.

The doctor then tells Dimitri and Rebecca (Laura Mennell) that Vanessa’s eggs are almost ready for carrying which is what Dimitri wants so that the doctor can start making the Daywalkers. But of course they still have to wait till they are ready and for Vanessa to also drink the blood (which is another question what the hell was in that blood?) Vanessa then makes the feral vampire standing guard that she can’t breathe which forces her to be able to escape or so she thinks. Dimitri then knocks her out and they capture Vanessa once again!

Meanwhile with Mohammad; Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) is finally reunited with his sister Sheema (Naika Toussaint) who is happy to see her brother again but Rebecca with her dirty mind thinks of other things for Mohammad but Dimitri calms her down, Mohammad and Sheema then talk which leads to Sheema sounding like a crazy person to Mohammad but chooses to stay for the moment.

Back with Vanessa; Vanessa is held in motion with a neck chain holding her up, when Mohammad sees Vanessa in the way she is he feels so sorry for her and apologizes but Vanessa doesn’t want to hear it. She demands for Mohammad to leave her alone but he chooses not to and begs her for her forgiveness. But when Vanessa didn’t want anything of it, Mohammad leaves her with a pocket knife. Vanessa then stabs herself multiple times in hopes that she kills herself to find another way of escaping.

When Vanessa is sleeping/reviving, Dimitri then tells Vanessa all that she has been wanting to know about her mother, about her family tree of the Van Helsing’s and even told her (what seemed like) he was in love with her mother. When Vanessa wakes up in a prison cell she then chooses to drink the blood but it starts making her feel like shes pumped up like a super vampire weapon. As Dimitri and Rebecca prep Vanessa to be the next and final day walker surrogate, Vanessa makes her move to try to kill Dimitri by ripping through his chest almost grabbing his heart. As Dimitri leaves, Rebecca then fights Vanessa but just before Vanessa could get the final blows in to Rebecca an explosion interrupts the fight allowing Rebecca to escape down the hallway.

Vanessa then follows Rebecca in hopes to kill her. When Vanessa finally gets to Rebecca’s room she demands for Rebecca to turn around revealing Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) turned into a vampire and with Vanessa shocked! The episode ends with supposedly dead  Axel (Johnathan Scarfe) turned into a feral vampire and looks hungry walking out searching for some food or blood!

Van Helsing Season 2 will come to us in 2017!