Z Nation (S03E13) “Duel”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. This episode can be easily summarized in “the battle for Lucy” whose major talent relies in being kidnapped. The girl can control zombies but somehow she never uses them to stop her captor, at least not at the beginning. Duel also has amazing fight scenes between The Man and Addy, and gives us some game changing news: it seems that zombies can think and feel… or that’s what Lucy says.

Following Lucy’s trail, Addy finds her in an old boat yard, playing with her new Z friends. When she finally convinces the girl that it’s time to go, The Man shows up and round 1 starts. Despite Addy’s efforts, The Man manages to run away with Lucy. But neither Addy nor Lucy are gonna give up; the little blue girl keeps leaving clues so Addy can find her… and she does. Knowing the road The Man is taking, Addy sets up an ambush and rapidly wins round 2, shooting at The Man and taking Lucy with her.

Thinking The Man is dead the girls take their time to go shopping, they seem to be having a nice time until they start talking about Serena — Lucy’s mom — and the girl refuses to believe she’s really dead, so Addy has to play the big sister role and talk to her to make her understand the hard truth: people die. The talking calms Lucy and she asks how her mother saved her. Addy tells her Serena killed a lot of Zs so the girl asks why it is always about killing them, claiming “Zs are not mean, they just don’t know any better”. And while the girls expose her points of view, The Man shows up again. Lucy tries to escape and runs toward the river, followed by The Man and Addy. Round 3. The Man beats Addy pretty bad, dislocates her shoulder, and nearly drowns her, but he leaves her unconscious and drives away taking Lucy with him.

In the car Lucy experiences another fast-growing episode, she’s now fifteen years old and demands some chocolate. Unwillingly, The Man promises her to get her some chocolate. While they are on the store looking for chocolate Lucy has her first period and freaks out because she thinks she’s dying but she then calms down a little. Now she finally uses her Z friends to escape from The Man and steals his car, driving onto him when he tries to stop her. Her driving skills are not the best but she manages to reunite with Addy. Their happy meeting gets interrupted by The Man, who emerges underneath the car. This time Addy is too wounded to put up a fight and The Man drives away with Lucy. Addy knows giving up is not an option and she steals a car from a woman and her little girl, and later she reunites with Doc.

  • No, I didn’t forget it. We got the Z Nation crazy touch when Doc runs into THE DeLorean, from which emerge  himself and 10K dressed as Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Z weed makes you see weird things.
  • I hope we see the entire team back together for season finale.
  • There’s a zombie wearing a “grandpa” sweater who was given an individual quest. I wonder what is it.
  • If Lucy can control Zs, why does she bites some of them to make them do stuff? I need answers.
  • Do Zs really think  and feel?