Shameless: (S07E11) “Happily Ever After”

For a Shameless episode titled ‘Happily Ever After’ a sad ending should’ve been a shock to no one. Especially for Ian and Mickey. The mere fact that there plotline was even continue in this episode was proof that the couple weren’t going to have a happy ending. After driving around desperately trying to find a way to get into Mexico, the very doubtful Ian decided to part ways with Mickey at the border.

And for the rest of the Gallagher’s this episode which seemed to be filled with joyful moments ended with sadness. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a small ‘Gallagher house party’ it’s almost like deja vu now. And these parties never had the tendency to end well. After waking up Frank realizes hurricane Monica might have blown her last winds. This was the expected outcome ever since Monica announced she had brain aneurysm. It may have been a surprise to some how quickly her death came, but I very predicted a couple episodes back that Monica’s death will come at the end of episode 11, leaving a mild cliffhanger for the series season finale. It’s sad that she couldn’t do what she had came back to do, make things right with her children. There was absolutely no way she was going to get all of the Gallagher children back on good terms with her. Well at least at the end she had Debbie and Frank on good terms with her, but Lip and Fiona had to live through too much of her shit over the years so they weren’t going to come on board easily.

Ian seldom has a good relationship with her Monica. I mean, considering she is Monica and all they’ve had there bad moments but Ian has always had some endearment for her. Enough so that one has to wonder how badly Monica’s death will affect him. Could it send him back to Mickey? Well maybe considering the rumors of Cameron Monaghan leaving the show are still pretty thick. Negotiations are being made to Emmy Rossum for a 8th season as well, but she seems to be holding out as she’s demanding she gets paid more than William H. Macy. But they could do another season without Fiona couldn’t they? I think so. Another season of Shameless is just what is needed for Shameless to wrap up the story arcs properly. Looking back at the pre-season finale episode, if the show ends after this season it leave a lot of loose ends. We still haven’t gotten the happy ending we need for Lip, and strange enough this episode introduces a new plotline with Kev. I guess we will see in next week’s finale how things turn out.