Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E09): “The Overmining”

Review: It’s been months since Jake and Holt came back from Florida and the squad got assigned to the night shift by CJ. When CJ makes a grave mistake on one of his cases and loses a bag to a drug dealer, Jake sees it as their chance to undermine him and get reassigned to the day shift. But Holt insists they do the right thing and help CJ correct his mistake.

By reviewing the security footage, Jake and Holt find out that CJ left the bag in his office unattended for two hours, making it easy for one of the wanted drug dealer’s henchmen to swoop in and take it. While Jake sees CJ’s mistake as the perfect opportunity for him to get fired, CJ informs him that the consequences for him are much worse: the higher-ups have decided to pull the transfer he wanted. Unbeknownst to Jake, CJ himself was already on his way out, feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities at the precinct and hoping for a more lucrative career as the head administrator of the police academy. Instead, CJ is now stuck at the Nine-Nine forever!

Considering that CJ becoming a permanent fixture at the Nine-Nine is Jake’s worst nightmare, he immediately gets to work. He tries to convince CJ that they can solve the case and catch the drug dealer together. CJ is over the moon at this, unaware that Jake really wants to solve the case with Holt behind his back.

Then, Holt and Jake go undercover. They take CJ along for the ride, leaving him in the car with clear instructions. CJ, however, turns out to be incapable of even following the simplest instructions and he blows their cover in record time. Jake and Holt still arrest the guy, but he ends up being innocent. Then, Holt tracks down the real drug dealer at a warehouse. The cops head over there, leaving CJ in the car so he won’t screw up the operation. But somehow, CJ  ends up saving the day. Sort of. He opens his car door at just the right time while trying to get away from a spider, hitting the wanted drug dealer with it and allowing him to make the arrest.

With CJ having made the arrest, he finally gets permission to transfer to the police academy, to Jake’s utter delight. But CJ’s changed his mind. Now that he’s seen what he’s capable of, he doesn’t want to leave anymore.

The next day, CJ gets honored by the NYPD, receiving a medal of honor for taking down the drug dealer. While Jake begrudgingly watches CJ accept his medal in front of a great deal of reporters, he finally gets a lucky break when CJ fumbles his speech and accidentally reveals that they targeted the drug dealer because of his own mistake. To Holt, CJ’s public blunder is no surprise, as he reveals to Jake that he recommended CJ for the medal and called all those reporters, knowing CJ would mess it up and mess up his position as captain.

As a result, CJ gets transferred from active duty, Holt gets to take his place and the Nine-Nine gets reassigned back to the day shift!

Meanwhile, Terry is on a mission to clean up the precinct and reduce energy usage by 15%. For the squad, this means no space heaters, no laminator and no fondue fountains. While Amy, Scully & Hitchcock comply to the best of their abilities, Gina – who was name-checked in her kindergarten teacher’s suicide note – refuses to give up her precious space heater. In fact, she makes it her own mission to stand her ground at all costs and push Terry to the limit.

When Terry later catches Amy using her laminator anyway and also testing his limits, he confides in her that he failed his lieutenant’s exam. As a result, he now feels like a lousy sergeant, too. Amy convinces him not to give up on his green initiative and that he’ll eventually get everyone on board – even Gina.

But Gina is very persistent. She doesn’t even consider giving up her space heater when it sets her on fire! Gina even has the upper hand with flames shooting out of her butt! Having won that battle, Gina takes it up a notch, growing flowers on her desk with additional space heaters. But when Amy fills Gina in on Terry’s failed exam, it turns out that Gina isn’t just keeping her space heaters for her own benefit: it’s all part of her plan to get Terry back on his feet!  

Just like Gina planned it, Terry comes through and arranges space heaters for everyone. Even Hitchcock, who sees his new space heater as the perfect opportunity to get undressed and eat a giant hoagie sandwich. The ungodly sight ends up being too much for Gina and she finally gives up her space heaters, just as planned! And taking down Gina Linetti was all Terry needed to get back on top!

Finally, when Rosa wonders how Boyle can still be so cheerful while working the night shift, he lets her in on his secret: a 24-hour foot massage parlor from heaven. Initially, Rosa refuses to go with him, but after Charles tricks her into it, both cops get hooked on the massage parlor together. Suddenly, the night shift gets a whole lot easier!

But just like the foot massage parlor being a 24-hour business, so is the business of being a cop. During their massage, Rosa finds out that the massage parlor is a front for a money laundering operation. They go back and forth for a bit, unable to decide whether they really want to shut down the best invention since sliced bread! But in the end, they realize that they have to do their stupid jobs and shut down the massage parlor.