Family Guy: (S15E09) “How the Griffin Stole Christmas”

The mall needs a Santa.  Peter ruins a 6 generations antique table by using it as a family sled. While shopping for a new table, he is asked to step in as a Santa replacement. He is hefty enough, after all. When he gets a chicken burrito and there’s no charge, he’s elated.  Santa gets everything and with an“Anything for Santa” attitude, this makes him a god! Of course he becomes abusive and drunk with power, because this is Peter. He has no chill nor edit button. His abuse of power ranges from intentional bad parking, abusing a ticket writing patrolman, to changing an orchestra lineup to fit his folly. After all, he can do anything! He’s Santa! 

Across town, back on the home front, Brian is wearing pants. Stewie surmises he’s up to something and he is. He’s crashing holiday office parties for food, fun and probable companionship.  Stewie wants to join him and he does. Unescorted, he follows Brian and shows up in his “Chadwick” persona. The gathering and gossip is like a soap opera for Stewie. When it gets dull at one of the parties, he creates drama, that causes massive layoffs and firings. Believing Chadwick has brought a downsizing matter to light, he’s officially promoted although he doesn’t really work there!  He’s not qualified of course and because he writes his “2” backwards, he’s threatened with dismissal.  Chadwick realizes the jig is up so he passes out $11, 000 dollar checks to all the employees as their bonus’; this amount being his maximum signature authority. They’re advised to, “Go straight to the bank”

Meanwhile, Peter meets the real Santa. He passes out after leaving the strip joint, The Fuzzy Clam. He awakens in his fresh design of a” spaghetti angel” to find the real Santa staring down at him. After a heated exchange, Peter is threatened with the “Naughty List” if he doesn’t stop exploiting the Santa brand for personal gain. Peter calls his bluff and they engage in series of one-upmanship, until the real Santa has enough. He stages a trap, slips a garrote around Peter’s neck and starts to beat his arse. This is my laugh out loud moment.  I never saw that coming and it was wonderful!  I now know what the consequences of the “naughty list” are for Bad Santas and it ain’t Krampus!