Last Man On Earth (S03E09) “If You’re Happy And You Know It”

Review: After last week’s search for Melissa that almost led to Gail, we start this week in the elevator with Gail, who’s still desperately trying to get out. While she is doing that, the rest of the group wonders where Melissa has been, but she doesn’t seem to remember anything that happened before. Todd decides to take care of her and make sure that she doesn’t wander off again, but that proves to be harder than he thought because the next morning he finds out that Melissa is gone again. They find her on top of the building just walking around, and that’s when Todd also agrees that something has to happen to make sure she doesn’t harm herself or the others.

Meanwhile, Carol feels down about driving Gail away, and even shreds her adoption papers, so Tandy tries to cheer her up by organizing the honeymoon that they never had. However, recreating the place the two met and fishing are not really making Carol feel any better, until she actually catches a fish. In the light of recent events Tandy and Carol decide to name the fish Gail. But after a while they find out that the fish has jumped out of the bucket and died. When Tandy is digging a grave for the fish, she suddenly starts moving again, so the fish survives and Tandy and Carol take it back home.

The real Gail is still stuck in the elevator and tries to get the attention of the Roomba vacuum so she can maybe reach the others. But the plan fails when the note she put on the ‘roboturd’ doesn’t stick and when she starts shooting around out of frustration, she injures her leg.

The last few minutes of the episode has a few happy notes, when Lewis finally learns how to fly and Carol and Tandy drive home with their new miracle pet, but the sad parts of the episode are the ones that stick out. First there’s Melissa who has been put in a locked room with a two way mirror and Todd who is noticeably devastated by all that has happened. And then there’s Gail, who has no way out of her situation and only one bullet left, ending the episode with a gunshot…

The ending really made this episode for me. I was a little bored with the Melissa plot this week. We know she has been getting worse every week and this week we find out that she doesn’t remember anything, but to me the story does not have enough development. It is interesting to see though how this group of people, without any experience in traumas like this, tries to solve this problem and it was heartbreaking that Melissa got locked up in that room, with Todd sitting outside.

The Gail plot however became more interesting to me this week, compared to the last episode. I really love the character of Gail so I really hope that she did not kill herself, but on this show, you really never know. I hope the fish metaphor is really what’s happening, maybe just like with Gail the fish we think Gail is dead now, but in reality she isn’t.

I really enjoyed the happiest storyline of all with Tandy and Carol. They have always been a great couple and to see them together on their honeymoon was very sweet. I love it how their relationship has grown over the seasons and their scenes together are hilarious.

So with this cliffhanger we end the first half of the season. There is still a lot going on in the group and things are getting harder and harder when time passes, but we’ll see what will happen when the show returns! The Last Man On Earth will continue its third season in the spring.

Rating: 8.5/10

Happy holidays!