Timeless (S1E09) “Last Ride with Bonnie and Clyde”

A hunt for a necklace key holds must hold something that Flynn is after, but the issue comes when it’s in the hands of the one and only Bonnie and Clyde.

After an embarrassing dinner with her fiance, Lucy’s called to go back to May 22, 1934 in Arkansas and find Flynn who’s after Bonnie and Clyde. When Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt get there, the three split up, Rufus walking around while Lucy and Wyatt walk into the bank. But it wasn’t too long before Bonnie and Clyde showed up and soon guns go a blazing.

Wyatt and Lucy tell them that they too are bank robbers and joined them in their own getaway car, without Rufus. Rufus gets caught by Texas Ranger Frank Harmer, who questions him about why he was there and not to make things worst, Flynn was working with Harmer too. But as Rufus was being asked if he’s name was who Flynn says he is, he shows him his ID that says he’s Wesley Snipes. HA! I can dig it!

Well, Harmer let Snipes go and brought in Henry Methvin, one of the Barrow gang members, and tells Harmer where Bonnie and Clyde are at. Rufus uses that information to head over because Wyatt and Lucy were with them there.

Hanging out with Bonnie and Clyde and listening to them how they met. They asked about the key necklace that Bonnie wears and that Clyde stole it from Henry Ford and that it must be valuable because Ford offers $50,000 for its return. Soon the two asked Lucy and Wyatt how they met and their first time. Wyatt tells them in a great amount of detail how he met Lucy. Probably one of the most heartwarming moment that Wyatt has been this season, probably using the story on how he met his wife.

After a night of drinking and woo ohhs from Bonnie and Clyde, Wyatt and Lucy waited til they fell asleep to grab the necklace. Until a knock at the door came, it was Methvin coming to stale them til the rangers and Flynn get there. Soon Rufus comes and inform Lucy that Flynn is coming but too late as Clyde brings them in and thinks they are working with the cops. Trying to get them to believe them, Rufus plays a recording of Methvin telling Harmer where they would be at. Of course, Methvin gets shot, but then Wyatt takes his gun and demands the necklace nicely, but the two wouldn’t go without a fight.

The rangers start shooting and Bonnie and Clyde leave and shooting everyone, going out gun a blazing. Clyde gets shot first and as Bonnie stays with him, Flynn picks her up and takes her necklace away and soon she holds a gun and dies right there gunshot from one of the rangers.

The three come back empty handed, Agent Christopher, who’s been investigating Mason and his company talks to Rufus about it. Rufus tries to tell her that she needs to back off or someone she loves (like her daughter) will get hurt. But she won’t take no for an answer so he tells her all about Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile, Flynn sneaks into a museum, where the key opens a box, with a couple of timey whimy stuff opening it til a folded paper with a red stamp on it. He opens it and the scene goes back. I think it has to do with the fall finale episode. That has to be a message from the queen or king.  The question is what does the letter say?

Oh man this episode was good. It felt like one of those old films where you revisit the 1930’s gangster era, which I love. I thought Matt Lanter was rally good in a couple of scenes, including the one where he was talking how he met his wife Lucy to Bonnie and Clyde. I feel like something big is going to come in the next episode, something between Lucy and Flynn, could this be the point where they work together?

What do you think will happen in the fall finale episode? What do you think is in the letter? Leave a comment!

You can catch the fall finale of Timeless Monday Night at 10/9c on NBC.