Bull: (S01E09) “Light My Fire”

In Kavanaugh, New Hampshire, population 4 thousand, Keller’s  Diner explodes; giving Bull and the viewer a chance to revisit his childhood and some of his issues. With an intention of going on a fishing trip with Benny, Bull goes home to his Kavanaugh cabin to find it is burned to the ground.  Arrested, with trial and execution pending is a young musician and town outcast, Peter Walsh.  Bull fully understands Peter’s dilemma.  The name Walsh is second only to the name of Bull in Kavanaugh hate. It is a name that is mud or something that looks like it. So Bull stays in town much to the residents annoyance, irritation and anger.  Along with Benny, he decides to represent Peter, who is accused of arson and murder.

 During the trial, Benny & Chunk are lost in the woods, after their attempt to go fishing. Why on a court day, they venture out for fish can only be a plot point. Bull is not a lawyer, yet he can step in and play one, due to New Hampshire law. A toe to toe with the Chief was riveting. Old scars surface & the Chief is riled on the stand, during cross; complete with you “Son of a Bitch” without objection.

 Of course, Peter got off and the real fire starter was apprehended in the usual and customary Bull.  Yet the good and very good of this episode is the revelation of how Jason may have gotten his gift of…persuasion. His father was a proverbial “snake oil salesman” who had conned and swindled the town out of millions, before leaving them high, dry and wanting,  I wondered why the cabin stood so long before it was burned to the ground! Being villainized because of the sins of the father drew Jason to this case. He obviously was still being haunted and jumped to the opportunity to prove himself…worthy?   But he still seems a little too still in the face of adversity; emotionless and always in control.  “Ya’never see him sweat” Maybe that will change when his daddy pops up.  I hear he lives in Florida.