NCIS New Orleans: (S03E09) “Overdrive”

In this season finale, Marine Corporal, Jared Connors is killed in a crash during a race car drive.  It’s murder.  The team investigates and discovers $100 thousand dollars from a bank robbery, implicating the girlfriend, Dana and the racing team.  She wants to go straight, the team doesn’t let her. So they kill her boyfriend. Somehow that would just make me…pissed off! Yet that’s just me.

Gregorio was interesting in this episode, for she wasn’t “permitted” to work with the unit on this case. Per demand of the U.S Attorney in charge, Hannah Lee (Meghan Ory) She wants Tammy to remain fully focused on the Javier Garcia, Cartel investigation, so she is not available.  However, she sneaks and creeps information when those emails and phone calls are received from Percy. “Just a little help for a friend” A little more of her past is revealed as well. Apparently Tammy and Hannah were very close friends at one time.  “Very close, girlfriends”  

On the home front of LaSalle and baby mama Melody, (Brianna Brown),  the real baby daddy, Darrell (Will Travel) shows up and punches LaSalle with a warning to “stay away from my son”  I could hear, “You’re not the father”  as Percy jumps in and takes him down, cuffing him. ‘Love this girl! I think most of us knew that questioning the paternity was a good thing, even if LaSalle didn’t want to admit the possibility. Domestic abuse led Melody to lie so she could get away from Darrell, as well as protect Tucker.  In not so simple a situation, LaSalle handled it well, using the system.  His temporary family is safe and the bad guy’s in jail. He’ll miss his baby boy Tucker; yet now he knows he likes being a dad.  That’s big!

Sebastian remains enthused and adorable as he trains to be a forensic field agent. I look forward to this change and the crazy, yet competence he’ll bring to the unit, when the show returns