Aftermath: (S01E12) “Now That We Talk Of Dying”



As the end draws near the Copeland’s will to survive deepens, and nothing seems to shake them anymore. Even with the imminent threat of a “heavy downpour of death” on their radar, they refuse to accept that their days are numbered. Together they seem to be unstoppable.

With the new addition to the pack, Matt has found someone he can connect with on a deeper level, and the make out sessions are an added bonus. To deal with all the death and destruction that surrounds them, there is something comforting about sitting with someone you care about as the catastrophic events unfold.

Time isn’t what it seems anymore. The old are young again, and the young are old. Hours feel like days and days feel like weeks. No one is sure how much time is truly left, just that they need to find the one person who seems to have the answers they seek. Bob “Moondog ” Black has taken over the radio waves with his cryptic yet prophetic words. Josh feels a connection with this random stranger, and that is who the family need to find in order to have a greater chance to survive. 

There are government agents sniffing around, following in the same footsteps as the Copeland’s, which can only end in some sort of disaster. Everyone has their own sob story, and they need a source or a person to blame for what has been happening in the world. Unfortunately the target is Moondog, which leads them on the same path as the family. Instead of help, they want to put an end to him and anyone else who stands in their way. 

While the family finally tracks down Moondog, their hopes are quickly dashed as it is revealed that this man is just a lackey for the actual Moondog who is holed away in a safe place. Paranoia does wonders in this show, and keeps you relatively safe. That’s until the government agents get the drop on Brianna, Sarah and Matt. Things quickly go south, but what else do you expect? Before you know it Joshua and the lackey are being held at gunpoint bombing down the road in search of the real Moondog. 

But the family is always quick to jump to action. It’s not long before Matt, Karen and Sarah are able to track them down. While Dana and Brianna are back at the compound. No place is safe though, and in a show like this you know anything can happen. A skinwalker has been attracted to the compound by a Tesla tower, the girls think it will go away if they shut the power down, but in true Aftermath fashion it backfires and ends up in the building with them, choosing Dana as its latest meat suit. 

Thanks to quick thinking by Brianna, the crisis is averted as she electrocute’s her sister to chase the skinwalker away. No one has to die today, that’s for tomorrow. Although the family’s will to stay alive and keep pushing through hell has been a viable asset to their survival thus far, so even their days may be numbered, there is always that small hope that a miracle will happen.

Now if only they could get rid of those pesky government agents. With teamwork and posing as a possible threat of approaching Feverheads, Karen, Matt and Sarah are able to lure the agents away from Joshua. This is when Sarah steps up and earns her keep, proving to be a keen shot with a bow and arrow. With the threat dealt with, they can breathe easier. Although the Moondog stand in has been put to rest by the trigger happy agent, casualties are to a minimal this episode. 

The real Moondog reveals himself when it is safe to do so. Coming out from an RV, instantly feeling a connection to Josh. It’s not all just coincidence, this is exactly they way it was supposed to happen. Josh is the adept that Moondog was waiting for, now there is much work to do, and many things to discuss. Does that mean there may be a way out of this doomsday? 

Just as the family comes together after another separation, the newest member is missing. Sarah isn’t dealing well with shooting to kill and has run off, with a frantic Matt wanting to find her before the final event impacts the earth he leaves in search of her with Brianna in tow. Will they be able to reunite before the end of the world? Or are they lost forever? 

With only one more episode left, there are so many questions to be answered. Will this be the end for the Copeland’s? We will soon find out. 


Rating: 9/10