Empire: (S03E09) “A Furnace For Your Foe”

 “The Peoples Ball” replaces the Captains Ball, because the common man in the neighborhood is not feeling mayoral candidate, Angelo. Cookie wants her man to win so she steps up and invites “the hood” to the ball; right where they stand is the venue. If the “deep pockets” (affluent society) want to come, they must come there, to the streets. Mother Dubois worries Angelo is getting too local with the locals.  And so begins the mid-season finale of The Empire of Lyons

It was a night ultimately of “Who’s fooling who” and although not one of my favorites, it definitely has some jaw dropping, “what?!” moments. I like those.   

For example, Tariq puts together clues regarding Frank Gathers from Freda’s rap lyrics. He really listens closely. He’s confident he’s close as he’s matching the identifying initials from the emails to the names in Freda’s rap. He freezes Empire’s accounts for 30 days until he can bring this together. This opens the door for Shyne’s generosity.  He offers Lucious $50 million to “pay the bills” if he can have a seat at the table of Empire. Of course this complicates the FBI agreement of immunity, pissing off Tariq.

Then Mother Dubois “hires” Lucious to snuff a damaging story and the journalist reporting it, to save Angelo’s mayoral campaign. Yes. There are skeletons. Aren’t there always?  In return she promises to incinerate the Angelo & Cookie relationship as trade. Oh Mama! Yet when Lucious apparently comes through by removing the threat, Mother Dubois feels Cookie is humanizing Angelo, people like him and his numbers are up. So Mother Dubois backs out of the deal; reneging on their agreement. Lucious appears to pout, yet he gifts his services to the campaign. He likes Angelo. Right? Later the threatening journalist that Lucious had “taken care of”, shows up to provoke Angelo during the street party; rattling and shaking his closet of skeletons in front of the cameras. Lucious walks away with his balloons, feeling victorious.

Lucious is busy in this episode as he shows up @ the FBI offices, playing the brother card. He gives Tariq what is supposedly their father’s badge and tells a story of his daddy’s last words, “take care of your brother”  What?!  Of course this puts Tariq’s credibility in question. Is this just a sibling thang?

Meanwhile, Andre is having a bi polar moment  & Nessa vows to stick with him. Rhonda watches from the chair.   Later, while at the beach,  he asks Rhonda to let him go. She does after he promises to make that bitch, (Anika) who murdered her & their baby pay. He promises and she walks away into the ocean, saying good-bye. He removes his wedding ring, throwing it into the water.  So much love, so romantic, this gangsta’ in a suit is my favorite.

The smash of Takeem is back (Tiana & Hakeem) singing, dancing and kissing on stage with paint in his hair. And that was just enough Hakeem for me.

Back at the People’s Ball and after a stellar performance, Jamal’s going to rehab.  After his mom pulls his pills from the pipes of the kitchen sink to steady him from withdrawals, it was time.

Finally  “I know what you did Shyne”  Andre partners to take Empire & kill the Lyon! Yet knowing the history of this family; we’ll know “who’s fooling who” in the spring and the foe who’s in the furnace.  The End.