Star: (S01E01) “Pilot”

Star is her name. (Jude Demorest) Along with her sister, Simone, (Brittany O’Grady) “escape” foster care, when Star stabs a child molester and pedophile caregiver, during the statutory rape of Simone. Whew!  Hooking up with a bourgeoisie, Instagram “BFF” Alexandria, (Ryan Destiny) daughter of rock star and legend Roland Crane (Lenny Kravitz, more please) they go to Atlanta, for fame, fortune and their destiny.

 First stop is to Godmother, Carlotta (Queen Latifah) she’s brought to tears to finally see, “Mary’s girls” she’s been searching for them for years. They found her through a number of letters from the County’s Social Services Department,  who handled their placement.  They want to stay with Carlotta,  not disclosing their plight and she puts them to work; all 3 in her beauty shop. From here they basically rehearse, work in the shop and rehearse some more, hoping to find a “50 cent tired ass or Jay Z favor” to create a buzz.

Star finds Jahil Rivera, (Benjamin Bratt) in a strip club through an “introduction” arranged by Cotton, (Amiyah Scott) Carlota’s daughter, born male. The genuine casting here is a plus. Jahil is impressed and immediately wants Star and her 2 unseen partners to perform at an exclusive event and home of a football celebrity.  Here it feels like the story is moving too fast and without probability; diluting the tale.  But this manager is shady & familiar to Carlotta, after hearing the name. She takes her Bible, her words & her gun to warn off Jahil. “Stay away from the girls” 

 So far what is missing here is what makes us care.  The heart is missing. We live vicariously thru these characters & sometimes we’re entertained when we can see ourselves in the role or situation, or @ least someone we know who could be,  “Star”   It’s hard to find it here, in this pilot anyway.

No this show isn’t like Empire in that there is no tease of what lies beneath, under or behind the curtain. Unless of course we delve into the relationship of Jahil and Carlotta; but this show is about the hopes, wishes and dreams of 3 girls with very different personalities, wants and needs, who just wanna’ sing. 

 Never the less, the show returns on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 at 9; 00 p.m on the Fox network, during Empire’s rest period. No doubt we’ll find out more.  In the meantime, loving laugh out loud moments, there is one that deserves a share. Their first public appearance is in a juke joint, hole in the wall. Not having a stage name, the MC simply introduces, Alexandria, Star & Simone & quips that their initials spell out ASS. It’s the funny & something to thing about.