The Goldbergs (S04E10) “Han Ukkah Solo”

Review: Erica refuses to do the solo of the only Hanukkah song in the Christmas concert again, and when Beverly hears about this, she tries to convince Erica to write a Hanukkah song herself (with the excuse that Pops needs her to sing a Hanukkah song). Erica doesn’t want to, but when Barry chimes in and claims that he can write a better song anyway, she decides to give Bev what she wants and the two oldest siblings both write a song. But of course both songs (a copy of the Birthday Song and a “factually insane” rap) suck and Mrs. Cinoman cuts the Hanukkah song from the concert altogether. But as a result, all the Christmas songs have to be cut as well, and all the students can sing about now is the weather. When Barry and Erica find out that Beverly is the one that ruined the concert, they storm over to the house and start arguing with her. Beverly admits that it wasn’t Pops who wanted Erica to sing a solo, and says she tricked her into singing because she just loves hearing her voice. Erica understands this and sings “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” during the Christmas concert.

Meanwhile, Adam gets an illegal copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special, but is disappointed after seeing it. Murray points out that he is growing up and that he doesn’t love all the things he used to when he was younger. Adam starts to believe that and questions everything he used to love and comes to the conclusion that Murray was right. Pops doesn’t want Adam to lose his childlike wonder and takes him to a showing of Howard the Duck, which is one of the worst things he could have done because the movie is horrible. So Pops has to find another way to get Adam to keep dreaming. He starts researching and finds out that thanks to the Star Wars Holiday Special, Boba Fett, Adam’s favorite character, was created. Adam realizes that if you really love something, you’ll never grow out of it and he promises Pops that he will always hold on to his childlike wonder.

I loved it that we got to see Pops back in a storyline. Like I said last week, it had been a while, but I thought this episode was really perfect for him. I loved that talk he had with Adam at the end and it was nice that he was trying to fix things for him. I though the other storyline was solid too, especially thanks to the songs and rap, but the dialogue in these scenes was hilarious too.

A great episode once again. The Goldbergs will be back on January 4th! Happy holidays!

Rating: 9/10