Vikings (S04E13) “Two Journeys”

After last week’s cliffhanger we find that Ragnar and Ivar survived the sinking ships, while the same can’t be said for the majority of the men who followed Ragnar. While one may expect Ragnar to be despondent suffering such a huge loss, he remains stoic and focused on returning to face King Ecbert. Ivar on the other hand is struggling with his disability and feeling like less of a man. In this episode Ragnar finally says the words that Ivar has been waiting to hear his entire life. Ragnar assures Ivar that he is better not in spite of being crippled but because of it. Ragnar makes sure that Ivar knows that he can be everything he has always aspired to be. Ragnar is so candid and honest with his son, which serves as stark reminder that Ragnar is truly a changed man.

Back in Kattegat we see Aslaug staring over the waters and seeing a battle unfold. This moment is very important because not for the first time is the show alluding to the fact that Aslaug possesses supernatural powers and that she in fact may be the next Seer in Kattegat.

Bjorn reached Francia with his 60 ships and this spells the return of Rollo. Rollo has taken to his role as nobleman like a fish to water. He is very proud to introduce his family to his once Viking family in fluent Proto-French. Rollo seems apprehensive to assist them at first but in fact all he really wants is the opportunity to sail with Bjorn to Rome. This news does not go down well with his wife Gisla but nonetheless Rollo returns to this roots and is initiated as a Viking once more.

In Hedeby, Laghertha is preparing her warriors for a great battle. She also stays one step ahead by trapping Ubbe and Sigurd in Hedeby with the help of Torvi. Lagertha then does what we have all been waiting for, she invades Kattegat and is ready to take back what she feels is rightfully hers. Lagertha’s execution of the invasion is meticulous in every way. She attacks Kattegat by land, sea and with the help of Torvi and her allies on the inside. Lagertha’s determination shows that this was a plan long in the making and that Aslaug for all that she may try is no match for the incomparable Lagertha. This moment is truly so satisfying because we’ve been waiting so long for it. Lagertha reminds everyone that it is her world and they’re only living in it.

The comedy between Ragnar and Ivar is pure gold and brings a whole different dimension to the show. The scene where Ivar calls Ragnar his donkey as he carries him is the best kind of comic relief one can find in a show filled with so much suspense. Ragnar and Ivar have come this far together but as they reach King Ecbert’s castle, Ragnar tells that they will now be separated and that if Ivar is smart he will not get hurt. Ragnar reassures his son that he will find him when he can. Ragnar and Ivar’s relationship however complex it may be is compelling and their journey together has impacted both of them greatly.