The Great Indoors: (S01E08) “Office Romance”



Secrets and office romance are highlighted in this episode. And we are able to see just how smitten Clark is with Emma. It’s cute in a creepy, obsessive kind of way.

Jack has finally become privy to Clark’s crush, and he is determined to help the poor guy out. So with a request into HR and the ability to get out of the bean bag faster, the ban on office romance has been lifted and they are able to date whomever they choose now. Great right? This is a sitcom, so you know at some point it will backfire.

Clark gathers the courage to ask Emma to hang out after work, and everyone is surprised when she agrees to this. It seemed too easy, but that didn’t damper the excitement for Clark. It was soon dashed when Emma showed up to Eddie’s with a friend in tow. So much for a first date. Have no fear though, Jack to the rescue! He becomes a “distraction” for Emma’s friend.

Mason is on a mission of his own, to find out secrets he hasn’t already figured out. He starts sniffing around the possible intimate connection Brooke and Jack have, but was quickly thrown off by Brooke’s emotionless frame of mind (she claims it’s because she is British). And instead of digging up another secret, the roles are reversed and Mason has no choice but to back down.

The first date may have been a disaster for Clark, but that doesn’t stop his tenacity for making things actually go his way for once. While he is dealing with that, Jack has to diffuse his own awkward situation. He had slept with Emma’s friend, who just so happened to be working for payroll. The one night stand, quickly turned into Jack and her dating (due to his spacing out and agreeing to everything). Now he has to make things right and call off the whole misunderstanding.

It’s Clark’s turn to come to the rescue this time. He just happens to be the expert at breaking up, due to how many woman have broken his heart. He coaches Jack into using empathy when letting a person down, instead of being blind to emotions. It seems as though Jack is incapable of caring, but something in the lessons stuck as Jack breaks up with the woman from payroll without causing a scene.

The group seem to be meshing well together, and they really seem to be learning and growing as a team. Oh, and Clark briefly got to hold Emma’s hand, it may be little but it was a big win for him! I’m curious to see what else will happen in the episodes to come.


Rating: 7.5/10