Conviction: (S01E09) “A Different Kind of Death”


This episode Hayes teams up with the DA…or rather he teams up with her. He chooses a case for her about a death row inmate that was convicted of murdering a colleague of his. Hayes is against the death penalty but is also against being told what to do by the DA. She caves though. 

The man that was convicted of killing the lawyer was convicted because he threatened the lawyer. The lawyer had him wrongfully convicted of a crime. Throughout their investigation they found that the lawyer, who everyone loved, including the DA, was taking bribes to fix cases. Basically sending innocent people to jail, for money. 

Based on the information they found, the judge held of on the execution. This gave them enough time to figure out who the real killer is. However, the opposing attorney appealed this and it was repealed. This gave them an hour and 54 minutes to figure things out to save the guy.

The superintendent of the prison was really a sobering character because he, though opposed to the death penalty carried out his job well and without being bullied by Hayes. Hayes even put in a hail Mary call to her father, the former president, to pardon the guy, but he would not. I agree…Hayes can’t pick and choose when she cashes in on her family. 


B Story: Maxine is back on pain killers. She got called out but she denied it. We’ll see how long that lasts. 

C Story: The DA and Hayes talk about who they are and Naomi’s role in their lives. The DA and Naomi seem to be getting serious but the DA and Hayes clearly still care for each other. I don’t think the show is lasting long enough for them to explore this dynamic. 




Buss laugh moment of this episode: n/a

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  n/a

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  The death row question. I’m always very torn between intellectually knowing that state sponsored murder is still murder and the base emotion within me that knows I would be all for it if the victim was someone I cared about. 

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