Incorporated: (S01E02) “Downsizing”


They didn’t make us wait long for some background information. Thank goodness. I hate it when shows decide to drag out the background information. I mean, there’s more to come, obviously, but questions that were raised in the first episode are already starting to get answered. 

The show starts out with letting us in on some of Ben aka Aaron’s childhood memories. His father killed himself in front of Ben. The reason is unclear. It could have been that he didn’t want to live as a ‘climate refugee’ in a  FEMA camp for the rest of his life. But then that leads me to asking about the child. If he didn’t want to live there, do something about it. Don’t just tell your child he’s more than just a ‘climate refugee’, jump to your death, and then leave the child alone to survive in the hell hole you jumped to escape from. Cowardly. 

Ben, however, is much stronger than his father. He used his intelligence to survive in the camp. We see his meeting with the ‘man from HR’; the guy who taught him how to pass as a green zone person. This meeting was just an introduction, but I’m sure the rest of the episodes will show some of his ‘lessons’. We also see how he meets the girl he’s been searching for. She was a ‘climate refugee’ too. She got sponsored, though, to go live in the red zone and had to leave him behind. He promised to find her. Promises of children. I guess eventually it came to fruition. 

The whole ordeal with him framing his boss continues. The boss is being tortured and, of course, has no answers. The boss’s family is being kicked out of the green zone also, because one untrustworthy member is bad for everyone. Laura bites the bullet and asks her mother for help because she let her conscience do the talking in this episode. She said that she knew someone who all she did was marry the wrong man and when she was exiled she (Laura) did nothing to help. Laura’s mother said she couldn’t help but Laura knew how to play her game. She essentially threatened to not have children if Elizabeth didn’t help the family somehow. Her solution was to have the mother give away her kids to a green zone couple. Who knows what will happen to the mother. 

Ben has to deal with security checks and questions from a very suspicious head of security. The head of security doesn’t believe the boss would knowingly swipe information and keep it in his pocket while going through security. He’s gotta be smarter than that right? Ben is questioned and gives all the right answers. He convinces one of the guys who went with him to the red zone to say that it was the boss’s idea to go to the red zone that way they don’t look bad. Same guy is not to be trusted because he is the competition and he saw Ben hide his illegal tech. He stole the illegal tech and currently has it. We’ll see what he does with it. My guess is some sort of blackmail that will leave him either dead or hurt because even just 2 episodes in we all know that Ben won’t let anything get in his way. He lucked out a bit though because the head of security called him in to talk about illegal tech but it was actually about the gun he used to make his boss sick. He mentioned that he was in the lab when the information was being stolen but the head of security said that could be faked. Ben countered by saying even for the very best at their company, that would be a difficult task. Clearly the company is unaware of who the very best actually is. The head of security said that he’ll just have to ask the boss about whether or not he told Ben to check the gun out but by the time he got there Elizabeth had already had the boss’s mind wiped. That’s the company’s non-disclosure agreement, to wipe their employees brains and then dump them in the red zone. 

Elizabeth tried to actually help Ben. She said that the security check will be rigorous so if he had anything to hide he should drop out. I think she was just trying to protect her reputation/her daughter. Maybe even the preemptive wipe of the boss’s brain was not just to save her own butt with the Board but also to help out Ben because she knew about the red zone trip. We’ll find out. 

Ben and Laura’s end to their incredibly difficult day was to have sex in their car. Not sure if Laura initiated this because she wanted to feel good or because she knew she had to start trying to get pregnant. 

In the red zone, Theo gets the opportunity to fight for a chance to enter the green zone. He capitalizes on the opportunity by stabbing his opponent with a steak bone from a steak his opponent gave him…to be nice. Kindness in the red zone, huh? Turns out Theo was just there to take a beating but since he beat the champ, the champ got wacked and now the promoter is going to place all bets on him. I guess his fighting career is really about to take off. Side note: Theo is gay. Good job writers for breaking stereotypes and upping your diversity count. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode: Didn’t have any. This episode was packed with intense moments, some mildly humorous, but nothing to really laugh about. 

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  The eviction of the entire family. I think the spouse of the traitor should be put through rigorous security checks in order to stay but the children should not be punished. They don’t play a hand in their parent’s espionage. There should be some kind of orphanage or adoption program for them. Strings shouldn’t have to be pulled for them to be adopted. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  Can I say all of them? LOL Would I sign away my kids to strangers in order for them to maintain their lifestyle? I don’t have kids but I feel like my parents would have done that. It wouldn’t have mattered what happened to them as long as my siblings and I were doing well. Truly selfless. 

Solid episode. Looking forward to seeing more. 

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