Incorporated: (S01E03) “Human Resources”


Ben is definitely trying to put off getting kids. I guess for good reason, he’s not there to have kids. He’s there to rescue the girl, Elena. While he and Laura are discussing removing the IUD, their employee is stealing bacon. She gets caught with it, but Laura runs into the situation. She rescues her by saying it was a gift. But then she takes her home and lectures her about the betrayal she feels because of the theft. Her employee explains that she wasn’t just stealing she needed it for a friend who has a sick daughter. Laura agrees to see the daughter, to help her out, medically. However, when Laura gets to the gate to sign her employee and the daughter in, there are several more people there trying to get in because they heard about the green zone doctor willing to perform free surgery on red zone people. She convinces the guards to just let her employee and the daughter in but then a riot breaks out. Laura gets hit in the head with a brick. She doesn’t tell Ben about it. She lies and said she had a boring day. 

He lies too. After the we see the employee steal the bacon a girl scout comes knocking at their door. It is the daughter of the man from human resources. He’s there too. He tells Ben that a girl from Arcadia, where he suspects Elena is, was just shot for trying to run. As luck would have it, this is also the day a Spiga competitor decided to defect to them. Ben manages to incorporate getting to see the dead body into the plan to safely bring over the defector. When he saw the dead body it did not look like Elena. But when he saw her personal effects the ring was there so he assumed they had altered her face and that she was dead. He went home and said he would make time for the IUD removal. He even went to Theo to tell him but when Theo touched the ring it activated a recording (familial DNA). The recording said that she had given the girl the ring to pass a message to him that in case she doesn’t recognize him in the future, don’t be mad because the company wiped her brain. So she’s alive. I wonder if Ben will make that appointment?

His competition spent this time slumming in the red zone trying to acquire a skeleton key for the illegal tech he took from Ben. The only woman who could give him the skeleton key put him through the paces to get the key. He thought he could just throw (literally) money at her like a good little rich boy but he could not. She made him chase a rat and then eat it. I did not feel badly for him. The downside to his tenacity, however, is that he now knows who Ben is searching for. We’ll see what he does with this information in the next episode. 

We got to see the Aaron and Elena reunion. He did manage to find her five years later. She was working and going to school; only school meant pumping herself filled with drugs and staring at a screen until she got a seizure. He rescued her and took her to a rooftop to scream. It’s how he releases his frustrations. She was willing to put herself through the seizures because it would mean a scholarship to the green zone which would mean being able to bring her family with her. There was a great deal of pressure on her. Maybe she volunteered to be a sex slave thinking it would benefit her family? 

The head of security eases his green zone guilt by returning the dead girl’s items to her family. When he didn’t have a body for them, the girl’s mother slapped him. He didn’t do anything about it. Just said sorry for your lose and apologized and left. Interesting, don’t you think? Perhaps a future sympathizer for the cause? Whatever the cause may be…

Buss laugh moment of this episode: When the lady told the competitor to eat the rat…LOL The mortified look on his face had me in stitches. I like how she knew he was desperate enough to eat the rat.  

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  When Elena explained how she ate first and got the best mattress and stuff because her family was counting on her to break them out of the red zone. I can empathize with that kind of pressure to want to do better for your family. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  Would I have eaten that rat? Probably not.  

Good episode. I like the defection arc. I hope we see more of this woman. 

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