MacGyver: (S01E11) “Scissors”


Riley disappears while Bozer was yapping away about his x-mas brisket. He calls in Jack and MacGyver who can’t get a hold of her and find out that it looks like she’s made a run for it. Their boss calls them in and it gets worse for Riley. She’s the number one suspect behind a hack that could start world war 3. 

MacGyver thinks they’ve got another NIkki situation on their hands but Bozer and Jack don’t believe it. They think Riley is innocent or is under some kind of duress. They track her to Vancouver where they see her approach a van and hand over a lap top. When she hands over the lap top a woman is thrown out of the back of the van. 

Turns out Riley really was under duress. The bad guys had kidnapped her Mom and threatened to kill her. Apparently Riley got herself imprisoned the first time because of a similar threat but this time the bad guys said that if she got arrested they would kill her Mom anyway.

This episode was not so much about the mission (which they successfully completed, of course) but about Jack and Riley’s relationship. When Riley was a kid Jack dated her Mom. He did everything he could to gain her trust but she never came around. Eventually he left because he didn’t want to get in between her and her Mom. When they were arguing about trusting each other she told him he was the closest thing she had to a father and he just left. In the end they reconciled, hugged it out, and it looks like Jack and her Mom might be reigniting things again. They’re a cute couple. I hope it happens. Plus, it would be interesting to see how Jack and Riley’s relationship grows. 

All in all, a cute holiday episode. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode:   Bozer lighting the grill MacGyver supped up. He said it ‘used to’ have a tendency to blow up. LOL But, you know, anything for his x-mas brisket. 

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  When Riley told Jack he was the closest thing she had to a Dad and then he left. You could tell that that really threw Jack for a loop. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  n/a

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