Madam Secretary: (S03E08) “Breakout Capacity”


I definitely forgot that there was an election day episode of Madam Secretary. I think the actual results of election day helped block that memory out. 

Elizabeth’s anarchist son suddenly believes in government but is rooting for the opposing team. He’s buying shirts, attending rallies, and making posts. At first, they let it slide. Elizabeth feels guilty about taking away a normal life from her kids so she at least wants them to be able to react to it normally. Henry thinks his very privileged son is being a brat. I totally agree with him. Henry confronts his son about a post he made and tells him to take it down. He rips apart any argument hi son has about supporting the other guy because his son doesn’t even know when the other guy stands for. In the end he takes him to the site of a long time injustice and tells him the story of how he joined the marines to piss his Dad off. He doesn’t regret the decision but he had to grow into it. He tells his son that he is brilliant but he has to learn to use his gifts wisely. It looks like his son might have actually been listening. 

Dalton’s re-election is in jeopardy from the off set because he is running as an independent but it becomes more shaky when Elizabeth is given information regarding Iranian scientists buying centrifuges from Russia. Russell is obviously angry and calls her Pandora because this new information affects the very basis of Dalton’s re-election. They go ahead and seize the centrifuges, which upsets Russia. Upon further review of the Russian angle it becomes clear that the suppliers were Russian acting without government consent. Elizabeth helps Russia save face by agreeing to let them share credit in the capture of the centrifuges. This also buys them Russia’s vote on the UN Security Counsel to send in inspectors to Iran. When the inspectors get there, however, they are met with armed, hostile men. We’ll see next episode what happens but this most certainly means war.

War is what Elizabeth was  asked to assure wouldn’t happen under Dalton by a group of opposition supporters they were hoping to turn in favor of Dalton. Elizabeth did not guarantee them this because you never know what can happen. Smart choice. They gave her until the day the house has to vote to settle the Iran dispute so that the country does not have to go to war. If they go to war, they vote for the opposition. 

Election night was filled with debauchery for her staff. Hook-ups with exes and acquaintances were had and her PA sang and played the piano well into the night. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode:  When her Chief of Staff is on the phone with her and the dog of the guy she was having sex with barks…LOL Elizabeth asks if she got a dog but she said no she’s dog sitting and quickly hung up. Elizabeth knew, of course. LOL

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:   n/a

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  n/a

Interesting election episode. I like the move away from the two party system. 

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