Madam Secretary: (S03E09) “Snap Back”


I’m going to start at the end because I totally saw it coming. 

Russell Jackson appears to have either passed out or suffered a heart attack at the end of the episode. My guess is heart attack. The entire episode he was running around trying to shore up representative votes for Dalton, talking about his 16 hour work days, looking especially scattered, etc. I was wondering if he was going to have a heart attack in this episode or maybe the next. Poor guy; nothing seems to be going right for him these past few episodes, or maybe just this entire season. 

Henry got recruited by Russell Jackson to chat with an old Marine buddy turned Congressman. They ended up having a few or many drinks which lead the Congressman to let loose on Henry some old grudges. He blamed Henry for getting him so drunk before his flight test he never got a chance to see combat. He is envious of Henry’s marriage because his is falling apart. Henry is appalled by his accusations because that’s not how he remembers it but is the better man. He apologizes for whatever role the Congressman thinks he played in his past and left. The next morning he had a massive hangover. He was surprised when Russell Jackson called and said that he had won over the Congressman. I guess being the bigger man helps. 

On the international front, Israel is war happy, and Evans continued rhetoric on Iran is causing Iran to be wary of the next American president. They also found out that Iran didn’t mean to violate the peace agreement. Individual members inside of Iran violated the agreement. Things seemed to be coming together after Elizabeth tricked Evans into softening his stance on Iran but then Israel went and blew up the plane with the Iranian scientists on it. This leads to the question of whether or not war with Iran was Israel’s intention all along. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode:  When Elizabeth tells the kids that Henry got drunk for America. LOL I mean…it wasn’t a lie. 

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:   The sight of the exploded plane. It punched me in the feels knowing that at least 3 people so easily lost their lives because of one nation’s fear for the other. A fear, by the way, founded in religion of all things. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  n/a

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