Z Nation (S03E14) “Everybody Dies in the End”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. Season finale is here and just like its title says, everybody seems to be dead or dying. But don’t worry, this can’t be possible, right? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. This episode is great and has an amazing cliffhanger, the team is back together again and we learn some new things.

The Man takes Lucy to Mount Casey, there a Z attacks them. When the Man asks her why she didn’t stop it, Lucy answers she couldn’t do it because that Z wasn’t a friend, and then more unfriendly Zs appears but are quickly exterminated by a group of armed guys who serve Zona. The Man informs them Lucy is the package and that he needs a radio to contact an exfil team from Zona.

One way or another, all the members of Operation Bite Mark find their way to Mount Casey: Warren and team receive the coordinates from Kaya; Addy and Doc are led by a talking Z “Grandpa”… well, he only repeats “Lucy”.

Addy, Grandpa, and Doc arrive first. As Grandpa points the top of the mount, Addy decides to climb it while Doc and Grandpa wait there. Unfortunately for those two, the exfil team arrives, captures them and ties them, but shortly after Warren & team rescue them — they rescue Doc and shoot Grandpa.

Once inside the base 10K can no longer follow their pace, he’s dying. Sun Mei says that if they wanna save him they are going to have to kill him. She explains the team the only way to save 10K is by recreating the experiment that brought Murphy back. Here we learn that Murphy has been dead for the last 4 years. They all agree, the procedure is easy: choke, die, bite, inject. And it works! They save 10K! Red, Sun Mei and 5K stays with 10K until he recovers, while Murphy, Warren and Doc rush to the roof where The Man and Lucy are waiting for the exfil team.

Warren tries to reason with The Man but Murphy shoots him and the fight begins. This is the first time in the entire series that Murphy is willing to fight. The Man shoots him, the bullet pass through him and then hits Warren. Both are mortally wounded.

The Man takes Lucy, and the rest of the team arrives just in time to see the arrival of an aircraft from Zona. Addy finally arrives, tackles The Man and both fall of the cliff. Lucy jumps after them, and then 5K. Then the Zona ship prepares to open fire.

  • I liked Grandpa, I’m gonna miss him.
  • My theories: Citizen Z is flying that aircraft, and 5K is gonna fly saving Lucy and Addy (I know, sounds crazy)
  • Now is 10K dead? Is he gonna get powers? Is he gonna turn blue?