Lethal Weapon: (S01E09) “Jingle Bell Glock”


I want to say that ‘Jingle Bell Glock’ is a very humorous title.

This is the episode that starts to raise questions about Miranda’s death.

A Mexican cartel drug lord pushed a woman off of a balcony. Turns out the guy who did it was someone Riggs almost caught when he was in Texas. When they cornered the man in a club he got under Rigg’s skin by insinuating that he might have had something to do with Miranda’s death. This drove Riggs crazy, obviously. When Riggs got a chance to ask a bigger drug lord whether or not they had anything to do with Miranda’s death, the man said no. However, when the man was on the phone with other people he made it seem like they did have something to do with Miranda’s death. Riggs is still investigating. 

Murtaugh is in the spirit of x-mas but not with his neighbor. His neighbor has so many decorations that it’s blowing the circuits. That comes in handy though when a member of the drug cartel holds Trish hostage. The lights go out and they have to go to the garage to put the lights back on and that is where Murtaugh is waiting for him. 

After they take down the bad guys, the Murtaughs go over to Rigg’s house and they have a very cute x-mas with the entire family. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode:   When Trish sees the reindeer Murtaugh stole from his neighbor. LOL

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:   n/a

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  n/a

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