The Big Bang Theory (S10E10/S10E11) “The Property Division Collision”/“The Birthday Synchronicity”

Review: First off, apologies for not posting a review of Big Bang Theory’s 10th episode this season earlier, but I figured since it ended on a cliffhanger, I could just do one write-up about both episodes.

First let’s start with the episode of two weeks ago. Sheldon and Amy are still living together in Penny’s apartment, so Sheldon and Leonard try to divide all their mutually owned things. But Sheldon wants to keep all of their collectibles and doesn’t want to share with Leonard. They get into a fight and after they pull some innocent pranks on each other, Sheldon goes too far and rents out his room to a hobo (guest role by Christopher Lloyd), who makes a good point by telling the guys that they are only fighting because it’s easier than facing the feelings they have about not living together anymore.

Stuart wants to help out around Howard and Bernadette’s house, and when they find out he got kicked out of his apartment, they let him stay. But Raj feels a little left out when he finds out that Stuart is now taking care of the couple, which is something he used to do. They start competing and Howard takes advantage of it by letting the guys do everything for him. But when Bernadette goes into labor, the two know how to collaborate. At the hospital they hear that they can go back home because Bernadette’s contractions are too far apart. While they’re waiting, Raj accidentally blows the gender of the baby: it’s going to be a girl!

Meanwhile, it’s Amy’s birthday which means of course that Amy and Sheldon are planning to have sex again. But with all the baby distractions going on, it’s difficult for them to make it happen. When Bernadette is finally having the baby, the whole group is at the hospital. They talk about their accomplishments in the recent years, which makes Raj feel bad because he has accomplished nothing. His mood turns around though, when Howard names him the godfather of Halley, Howard and Bernadette’s newborn daughter (named after Halley’s comet). Oh and let’s not forget that Amy does eventually get her birthday present, if you know what I mean….😉

As the show has mentioned multiple times this season, Raj and Stuart are the two losers of the group, which is just really annoying to me. So in The Property Division Collision I really didn’t enjoy the storyline where they were competing together, and the focus on them in the fall finale was the weakest point of that episode as well. However, the other plots in both episodes, not involving Raj or Stuart, were great. Sheldon has been really funny this season, and ever since he and Amy started living together, it has gotten even better. Surprisingly enough I also loved the plot about the baby’s delivery. I loved it that they talked about Howard’s mother and that as an homage to her, they made the baby’s sound like her. I’m curious to see how the baby plot is going to be, because usually I’m not a fan of adding babies to a show, but we will see what happens in the second part of the season!

The Big Bang Theory will be back in 2017, on Jan 5th!

Rating: S10E10: 7.5/10 and S10E11: 9/10