Designated Survivor (S01E08) “The Results”

Plot Summary:

An unexpected event leads Kirkman to consider canceling the House of Representative elections; Kirkman handles the fallout from the leaked news of Majid Nassar’s death.

When the episode begins to Seth talking to the press about how there is an election and encourages everyone to go vote no matter what their affiliation. He then announces that the Nassar’s death when the press start asking questions about rumors. Hannah knows who is responsible but has to figure out how to handle the situation. When she goes to talk to Jason about his son he hides the fact that his son is still being held hostage.

Not letting people know Nassar was murdered has some fallout for President Kirkman. He has to figure out how to deal with all the questions coming his way. Along with that he has to deal with an act of bio-terrorism. There was a a lot of people  who are getting sick with flu like symptoms but it’s not the flu. They have no idea how the toxin is getting to people.

As Leo heads off to school he ends up being confronted by a reporter about how the president isn’t his biological father. later during the day he sneaks out of school to go home and ask his parents questions. As he is trying to deal with Leo he gets pulled away with news from the CDC. They find out the people who are sick are poll workers. They only have 17 hours to fix the situation so people can go vote in the election.

Jason receives a phone call from his sons capture and has to go to a location and Hannah follows him. She takes pictures of his meeting with him. The lady he talks to makes him go meet the president and say something specific. As Hannah is leaving she receives a call from work about a file that Jason wanted her to look into. She realizes the clue he wanted her to find. She has him track Jason down and finds out he is going to the White House. He lets Tom know what he was told to say. He was the man who killed Nassar with poison. With that Jason is arrested. Tom doesn’t fully believe Jason killed Nassar and investigates more. He asks Aaron to bring in Hannah to ask her about the death of Nassar. As he looks more in to this he lets McLeish and Kimbal in on what Jason confessed to. As Hannah goes in to talk to Aaron about Jason and Nassar she recieves a mysterious text message.

Later he finds out who released the toxin to the public and finds out he is just one of many who can easily attack the polling stations to stop the elections. Tom also finds out one of the people affected passed away. With the knowledge he has received he chooses to not put the public in harms way. He decides to hold a press conference. After talking with the daughter of the women that passed he changed his mind about not holding the elections.

After doing a DNA test with Leo to see for sure if he’s his father Tom decides to not open the envelope that holds the results. As Leo watches the news with Mike he has a heart to heart about Mike’s dad and how he was once in the same situation Leo is currently in.

Election day arrives and Tom and his wife head out to vote. They arrive at an empty poll site. After seeing no one at the polls he gets a little down. As Tom and his wife talk Leo come in to talk. He also chooses to not open the envelope because he knows his real dad is.  Tom does eventually open it and doesn’t seem to happy about the results. He later finds out people made their way to the polls because he chose to vote too.  After he gets the good news he goes and confronts the reporter asking about his son’s DNA and lets her know the results that he is Leo’s father.

Later we see McLeish meet Kimball and have a confrontation about his path to the White house. Then he meets up with the mystery woman who took Jason’s son. That definitely doesn’t make me trust him.