Teen Wolf (S06E05) “Radio Silence” 

Sorry for the late review, got very busy. But since there isn’t a new episode this week, I’ll go ahead and make the review I should’ve made last week. Here we go!

Ended up starting the episode late, so I missed the beginning.

So far I learned that Peter Hale (Derek’s Uncle) has escaped prison, fought the ghost riders, and ended up on the ride as well. He told this to Stiles when he found it surprising that he got captured. Stilessaid that the raid of his escape happened 3 months ago, basically time flows differently there. By the way, Beacon Hills has no train Station. (Where Stiles & Peter are trapped in is literally a old train station.)

Stiles wants to find a way out but the doors that he keeps looping through don’t work. Peter spots an on looker who points them in a better direction. The dark creepy tunnel, that sends chills down there spines.

Back at school, Lydia spaces out. But for a good reason, the Jeep is being towed. She bolts out of class along with Scott and pays the guy off to keep it. Guess what though, they have no keys. At the train station, there mysterious new friend tells them how to get out. Jumping on the back of the rider and going though the portal. Easier said then done. So they let him jump & boy dissolved very quickly. Well you can’t go that way.

Stiles isn’t giving up. He will find a way, an he sort of finds a clue. An announcement gets made on the speaker canceling train stops, which leads to a radio that sends a signal to the other side. The gang hears it too. How? Well, they decided to sit in the truck to find clues & Scott picks up a scent. Then the radio goes off but nothing can be heard. As for Stiles & Peter they have to bolt from the radio and hide. The riders have returned, guns an all.

Lydia does question Claudia & Papa Stilinski again on the Jeep but there no help. They only make Lydia feel worse then before. They only think she’s going crazy. The Ghost Riders go on a crazy shooting spree and Peter finds out its more of a waste stop than just a prison station. They have to get out, so Peter gives the jump on the horse a go. Did he make it? Yes, but died after! At least they got the keys to the Jeep, gave the car a start, and the radio goes off again.

It’s Stiles. They remember-ish. He can’t talk long but tells them to go to Canan. One of the cities on the list on the wall at the station. What will they find?

Preview Hint: We meet a new banshee, an she’s an old crazy lady..oh joy