Assassins Creed

The basic plot for the film follows Callum Lynch played by Michael Fassbender his character is on death role and supposedly dies until he wakes up in the Abstergo Industries. Callum learns they want to use him for Animus project so they can find out we’re the apple of Eden is hidden.Callum character is in shock when he wakes up at first but  reluctantly agrees to helping them.When they link Callum up to Animus there are all these procedures  he go through and last step is hooking up to this big claw that comes down to sync him up with the time period they are having him in which is  The Spanish Inquisition.

When he in the Animus being as Assassin it is really neat seeing certain techniques that were in the videogame brought to life in the movie such as the quick assassins technique you can do with your hidden blade along with the leap of faith you have to do while escaping enemies.Now just like the videogames the whole movie dose not take place in the Animus which did not bother me at all because that how the storyline plays out in most of the videogames series.

The big thing  I really like about this storyline is how it sort of movie adaptation of the first videogame plus a reboot of it as well because while there are characters who are the same there are also characters who are completely different than there game counterpart. Like take Jeremy Irons character Allan Rikkin his character is pretty much spot on to the Dr Warren character in the videogame series being both calm but also very much out for himself. Then there is Marion Cotillard who plays Sophia Rikkins who is almost like Lucy character in the game but completely different which I like but won’t spoil how.

This movie dose push the bar for a PG13 movie mainly because they show a person being burned alive along other assassin style moves that make you question if there will be a R rated cut of the film somewhere later down the line.

I really enjoyed this film being a fan of the videogames series but I do feel some might be a little lost at times if you don’t follow the videogames. If your a fan of Assassins Creed do yourself a favor and check this movie out because it dose a lot of stuff right while leaving room to go about there own creative way of doing both a good film and good adaptation that fans probably will like.