Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E03) “All Signs Point to Josh… Or Is It Josh’s Friend?”

Review: The episode starts off with a normal Rebecca delusion of a love triangle between Greg and Josh, but under this simple truth. Her relationship with both men is just a make believe concoction in her head falsely believing it’s love. I feel with it will lead to something to come in this episode.

The opening musical number of the episode is perfect in relaying to the audience Rebecca’s lack of understanding and obsession of perfect love. The campy song The Math of Love Triangles not only are the production values grand and the triangle puns being rather witty, but Rachel Bloom’s emulation of Marilyn Monroe’s air headed screen image was close to perfect. The best part of the song was the male singers in the song were gay showing that her delusional sense of love is unobtainable yet, her realisation of that is lacking. Even in her own mind she can’t get a man to love her.

In her therapy session with Dr. Noelle Akopian portrayed by actress Michael Hyatt as always was one of lack of growth, but I wish to focus on Michael Hyatt her self possessed and restrain performance in her limited scenes with Bloom says a lot with a little in her facial expressions she has demonstrated a great skill with this. Her display of frustration is well acted through those expressions alone. Hyatt has proven her abilities especially with this character in comparison to her  HBO The Wire character as was every other character in The Wire was belligerent in personality.

When Rebecca assumed that she was pregnant the whirlwind of insanity that spiraled from Rebecca was one truly great writing and the resulting aftermath when she realised she wasn’t pregnant was the perfect way for Rebecca to once again she self sabotage a relationship. With clear disregard for Josh’s well being she told him she was pregnant shocked him destructively and then she found out she wasn’t pregnant seconds later when she went to the bathroom his obvious reaction to her ludicrous assumptions he would be fine with her pregnancy after such news was the perfect ending to their not so loving relationship. With both left frantic the scene played out well and moved this story in a better direction.

Rebecca shifts her focus onto Greg, Santino Fontana’s storyline in this episode is the best of all. The surprising end of the episode Greg decides to depart West Covina to go to Emory University vs. staying to be with Rebecca truly revealed his growth has gone full circle. His realisation that being with Rebecca is self destructive truly means there will be a bright future for Greg. Then the end when he has his scene with Rebecca after she chases him to the airport. In many ways it’s difficult to evaluate this scene in words for me, but I want to say I hope in the next episode there will be a satisfying answer. The suspense will he or won’t he stay gets me excited for the next episode.

The story that I want to see develop though is Darryl’s and his desperation to acquire friends is both relateable and fills me with anticipation I want to see how his storyline plays out I believe not only with the clever writing and the brilliant performance by Pete Gardner we’ll get something very satisfying in the end.

I give this episode 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Readers I want to know your thoughts leave a comment below. I’m gonna leave a math pun keeping in line with the theme of the episode. The ending of this episode definitely left us with an equation we can’t seem to solve. Now with that readers I’m Remy Nguyen and I have said my piece and I take my leave.