Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E04) “When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?”

Review: The episode opens up in a rather touching and sad resolution to the last episode’s cliffhanger. The opening musical number is quite the concoction it’s combines an endearing love song with the realities of destructive relationships and obsessive love. It shows to us the reality and aftermath of such relationships. The song doesn’t have an extravagant production or stage, but that doesn’t hinder the song’s strength. Its lack of production plays to the song’s strength even more so. The song “It was a Shit Show” greatness is due to it’s touching and emotional lyrics and music that evokes emotions in us the audience. This song has officially become my favorite of the program thus far.

The unexpected departure of Santino Fontana from the program was one of the best exits I have seen on television in a long time that didn’t involve killing off a character. The very scene didn’t need to play into our inner worry of losing a love one to evoke sadness and that’s why it’s a perfect and satisfying departure. Greg’s story arc has ended, but not before leaving us with a brilliant performance by Fontana himself, the vocal ability of Fontana to sing such a heartfelt song as well as show us Greg’s sadness at the same time in his face left me speechless.

As we go further into the story we see Rebecca’s mental stability fracturing from her break ups and the resulting antics of hers afterwards definitely made me laugh. It was so over the top and irrational and I loved it. It reminds us of what made us love her in the first place. All of which are her accidentally lighting her house  on fire, hallucinating her ex-boyfriends as what they call Memory Spirits, trying to reinvent herself with a makeover and trying to win a contest to represent a hilariously named company to change herself so, as not to deal with her emotions. It never ceases to amaze me Bloom’s ability to write accurate portrayals of mental illness.

The second musical number “Tap that Ass” was one that would definitely make you chuckle, if one is into blue comedy this is for you. It kept in line with the first number being a simplistic production. It generates its humour from its lyrics, music reminiscent of old Hollywood musicals and variety show tap dancing.

I feel that although Paula was given her very own solo storyline she has been sidelined for most of this season focusing only on her pregnancy is rather a dull plotline in my opinion and I wish to see more of her character be utilized later in this season. Although I can see the lawyer aspect going somewhere, but not anything of substance yet. I can never deny Paula and Scott’s negligent care of and attitudes towards their kids is one of the brightest dark comedy jokes of the whole series. This time the it was allowing their son with a suspended license to drive, forgetting their youngest son at school until nighttime and serving them raw chicken for dinner.

What was a rather special treat was Yael Groblas’ from Jane the Virgin guest appearance. During her first scene it was filled with crass jokes such a douching and big vagina it was nice and I enjoyed her participation in this episode.

As we get closer to the end of the episode we see Rebecca making the realisation she cannot resolve her sadness over having been dumped by Josh and Greg leaving her behind in West Covina to make a new life for himself, Heather the most unused character in the main cast having won the Miss Douche contest Rebecca entered and decides to move out of her house to become roommates with Rebecca, and Paula recovering from the depression of having what was an abortion.

The episode ends with Rebecca entering her old apartment to find Greg’s memory spirit hoping to say goodbye. Her final conversation with Greg’s memory spirit was just as emotional as his departure in the beginning. She tells him she needs to move on so, ask him the figment of her imagination to leave her mind and her heart. With their final goodbye we see Greg’s departure for a second time and it was just as sad and heartbreaking as the first.

I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars.

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