Sense8 (S02E00) “A Christmas Special”

Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead!

We have been waiting a while for something new from Sense8 haven’t we? Well this Christmas Special has been a long time coming as Sense8 went through much controversy shorty after its first season ended. Apparently one of the Wachowski sisters, the initial showrunners for show left. Along with Aml Ameen who played Capheus whose character has been recast. It’s been so long that starting this episode I didn’t remember much of how the last season ended. A ‘previously on sense8‘ sequence could’ve worked just fine for this but it doesn’t take too long to get back into the story.

Sense8’s concept is a very hard one to execute and an even more expensive one to produce. So first of all i’d like to commend everyone who works on the show and especially thank Netflix for funding it. Sense8 has always been about endorsing the idea of love and connectivity and love. It is a show designed around the love of building strong connections with people, finding it however and whenever you can. This episodes focuses a lot on this aspect. Being an interjection between the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere, Sense8’s Christmas Special refrained from starting any thing new plot-wise, and indulge viewers with mostly intimacy and endearment using celebrations, sex scenes and emotionally uplifting songs to do so. But it didn’t leave out the action and drama loving viewers, but those scenes were somewhat outshone by the super intense Orgy scene.

In the mist of all that I came to a fascinating realization that I really can’t believe I missed while watching the first season. While being a perfect depiction of different cultures and people itself, Sense8 is also a perfect delineate of the type of films and TV different countries and cultures like to watch. This about it for a second. The series blends Tara’s Bollywood-like romance drama, with Nomi and Will’s conspiracy sci-fi, Capheus’s action packed thriller, Riley’s dark and grimmy drug-addiction story etc into one fantastic look at the world itself. All a solid representation of different cultures honestly. When Sense8 is flying high, it has a momentum that feels unstoppable, with characters swapping in and out of each other’s heads to take care of one problem or another.

With this episode I don’t think the series has ever been clearer about what it’s trying to do than this. The specific experiences of the senates are intended to stand in for humanity as a whole. By helping each other, they’re helping everyone. So where does this leave Sense8, with Season 2 less than half a year away? On the one hand, there’s a strong straightforward setup for the story moving forward. Each character has a new phase of their journey, built on their climax from the last season’s finale. On the other hand, it seems more like a straightforward continuation of the existing stories than any kind of expansion. This may not be a bad thing Sense8’s commitment to trying to tell the mostly grounded stories of its characters instead of turning into only a conspiracy show in every episode is impressive but second seasons usually do introduce new characters and attempt to expand their storylines. We’ll in a few months.