The Good Place (S01E08) “Most Improved Player”

After telling Michael the truth at the end of the previous episode, Eleanor must face the consequences and see if she belongs in the Good Place.

The episode starts out in the same opening as the pilot did, but in this case Eleanor was waiting for Michael to talk about what this serious situation of her mistakenly being here. When Michael calls her in, they discuss about who she really is but Eleanor tells him that he got the name and her death right expect the rest of it.

Michael ask Janet to get her file but since she’s still rebooting after being killed, she keeps handing out cactus and pointing out to different objects. Even playing with the ferns like a cat was hilarious. It was later after Michael interviewed Tahani and Jianyu, Janet finally got Eleanor’s file and instead of bring in Chidi in Michael calls back Eleanor to go over.

While going over her file, Michael sees something good in her file of a time when she took her niece to the mall, at times because her mom wasn’t being  good mother, to get charro dogs, a hot dog between two charros wrapped around with slim jim sounds heaven.  But when Michael came across about t-shirts in her file, Eleanor didn’t want to talk about that but more about the charro dogs.

Michael told her to tell the story on the t-shirts. It happened when she was living in an apartment with two other friends and she asked one of them to borrow a dress but she declined to offer it to her, so Eleanor went in her room to try the dress but when it came time to zip it, it ripped. So she put it back in it’s plastic bag and back in the closet. The next day her friend puts her dress on and is in shocked about the rip and sues the dry cleaners for it, taking them out of business, but that wasn’t the end of it as she finally got the the t-shirt part which was her idea but her other roommate took the idea and made the t-shirts that has “Dress Bitch” on them, for which the people on the internet were calling her.

After hearing that, Michael calls Trevor from the bad place and tells them that they have the Eleanor they are looking for and ask to pick her up. When Trevor comes, played by Adam Scott, he tries to cause hell for Michael as in playing mean jokes like flaming snakes in a can of nuts.

Ready to take her to the bad place, Michael ask Trevor to give Eleanor some time to say some goodbyes. After telling Chidi, Tahani and Jianyu goodbyes, she gets on the train, for which was hot inside. Chidi talks to Michael about Eleanor and opens up about how he was helping her become a better person, but Michael doesn’t give MVP to anyone and that’s when Chidi yelled out, “maybe there should be.”

Michael rushes to stop the train and pulls Eleanor out of it until they figured out what really was going on. But Trevor pulls out his card and tells Michael that he has the other Eleanor, for which she comes out from the train and says hello, while Eleanor, Michael and the rest were in shocked.

This was another really good episode. There were a lot of hilarious moments from Janet and the cactus to even Trevor and his bull shirts attitude, for which Adam Scott is amazing and also amazed of the truth cube that Michael has when he used it on Eleanor. Who wouldn’t want one of those?

And even there were moments like when Eleanor was being questioned by Michael and saying goodbye that there were times I felt emotional in a way that I hoped she would stay (not in a crying boohoo way or grabbing the issue kind of moment). The writing was so good along with the actors too, everyone playing a good part in this episode. The cast was MVP of this episode.

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