Timeless (S01E10) “The Capture of Benedict Arnold” Fall Finale

It’s the fall finale and it doesn’t come with a few surprises too.

We find out about that mysterious letter that Flynn found in a secret clock at the museum from the previous episode. It so happens to be a letter by Benedict Arnold about Rittenhouse and a meeting.

When Lucy and Co. get word about Flynn, they headed to 1780 and when they tried to see George Washington, they get caught instead. Just as they were waiting, Flynn comes in and gives them the opportunity to work together after telling them about the letter he found that was written by Arnold.

After some convincing words, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus agreed to work together. They had to go to the other side (Great Britain) and fool Arnold about joining their side. When they were alone, Flynn and them tied him up and demanded answers about Rittenhouse. Here comes the shocking part (if you were think it was) that Rittenhouse is a person, not a group.

The man is David Rittenhouse, and he is a disgusting jerk as you could ever have met someone back in the late 1700s. When Arnold takes agreed and took them to Rittenhouse, things didn’t go the way Flynn wanted it, that was for sure.

Apparently, they weren’t the only ones trying to kill Rittenhouse. Caught in the act, everyone gets held up expect for Rufus, who’s outside with the workers of the house. Rittenhouse kills Arnold and tries to kill Wyatt and Flynn til Rufus comes in and shoots the bodyguards. Then after Wyatt and Flynn were free, Flynn shoots and kills Rittenhouse but as he said that killing him wouldn’t stop it. That gave Flynn the go after Rittenhouse’s son, John.

When Flynn goes after John, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus runs after Flynn to not let him kill the boy. But when Flynn gets to the boy, Lucy gets in front of him and talks him down til the boy leaves. That made Flynn grab Lucy and take her to his time machine and leave to where ever the hell they were going. I guess this would be the part in Lucy’s journal that she would be traveling with Flynn.

I thought that this was a very good episode. We finally learned about what or who is Rittenhouse. I really thought that it was a group of people trying to make things their own. I thought this was a very good episode between Lucy and Flynn, as it was more of these two. The writing was good and I learned something more about Washington that I didn’t know, he was called him a different name then just General.

Now this kind of open up the possibility of what will happen next. Where did Flynn take Lucy and how will Wyatt and Rufus get her back. I think we’re in for a real ride when the show comes back in the new year.

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You can catch Timeless when it returns Monday, Jan. 16 at 10/9c on NBC.