Sherlock (S04E01) “The Six Thatchers”

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Since I finished the episode, let me answer your question. HELL NO! I WANT TO RIP MY HEART OUT OF MY CHEST! Gosh this damn episode got me! I don’t know if I’ll be emotionally ready for next Sunday. I must stay strong for my Fandom! Well, on to my thoughts on the episode!

Lovely title for an episode isn’t it.

For those that don’t know, just to let you know..this series will only last for three episodes. That’s how it has always been with the other three seasons. Alright let’s go!

Rate this episode a 5/5 Stars

This episode did have a slow start but for a good reason. It was showing us how things were pretty much the same but still different. Sherlock & John still loved cases, Mary had her baby and was being a mother; also got baptized by the way, Mycroft was still Mycroft, and there still trying to figure out when the Game will truly begin. For Sherlock knows it will all be headed towards him.

Well as the episode went further on with solving cases quickly (because the ones he’s getting are boring), tweeting his lie away (who gave him a damn Twitter account), he then finds himself on a peculiar case. This case, is what start the true Game. Or so we thought. Sherlock was really hoping it was all going to be his problem, his case, his fight. No. After a run in with an ex-agent..he finds out it all revolves around Mary. This ex-agent that survived so much to reach London, wants Mary dead.

Mary & John are living there happy life with there baby (an solving cases with Sherlock). But once the disturbing news hits Mary that her past has come to haunt her, all she can do is leave. She left John, she left the baby, and left a letter for John to read to explaining why she left. Sadly though, she forgot who she was dealing with. This is Sherlock Holmes were talking about. They (John & Sherlock) were able to track her down easily, an she thought she made it difficult. In the end her ex-agent Aj got shot & died. His last words was the word he heard “AMMO”. For on there mission six years ago they were betrayed by a voice on the phone that ruined it all & was supposed to kill them all but not all.

Sherlock reminds them that he made a vow to keep them safe. The only way he can do that is if Mary stays in London. For London is his terf and no one else’s. John also says he hates all the lies, but he doesn’t blame her. For he has lied as well. John met a  woman on the bus who’s been secretly texting him every now and then. He was going to end it, but I guess it didn’t work out all that well. Back in London Sherlock has to peace together who was the “English Woman” that Aj heard about that was on the phone (who runined the mission). Sherlock had Mycroft question one of his own who was basically apart of the A.G.R.A operation. It’s not her, then who?

It was the old woman in the meeting room early on in the show. She did it all. Why? Because, she had nothing better to do as she says. Liar. She was jealous. Not able to be out there & being a great agent. So she sold information to get what she wanted, money. An after admitting it was her fault she thought she could just walk away, scott free. Well no. Of course I think the old hag had it coming so she brought a gun. A gun to a game of wits fight. Sherlock Holmes may know all but she surprised him. By firing her gun instead of giving it to him. Sherlock was prepared to take another bullet for Mary & John again. Lestrade nor Mycroft could move fast enough (or not at all) to stop the bullet. But Mary pushed him out of the way. Damn it all Mary!

This wasn’t supposed to have happened! She wasn’t supposed to have died! Mary says there even now, since she shot Sherlock & knew she could never be forgive! No! No! No! But John…poor John…he’s broken. He feels betrayed, because Sherlock vowed to keep them safe. Then this happens. John doesn’t want to see Sherlock & Sherlock tries to drown himself in work. But stumbles upon a “Miss Me?” DVD. Mary’s last message, Mary’s case to Sherlock. Mary wants Sherlock to, “Save John Watson”

Well bloody’s he going to do that?