The Good Place (S01E09) “…Someone Like Me As a Member”

Will she stay or will she go? I know that kind of sounds corny but it’s the only thing I could come up after watching this episode.

Michael and Trevor figured out how both Eleanors got mixed up. They were both at the same place at the same second that they died: Real Eleanor was trying to save Fake Eleanor from the truck but got hit. And also that when they went to the good place and bad place that they don’t have files on either one of them with faces.

After figuring it out, Trevor wants to leave and take the fake Eleanor to the bad place, but Michael doesn’t want that to happen and tries to make a deal with him. So Micheal offers Trevor and his gang to stay until they figure out what to do, while that goes on fake Eleanor and Chidi shows Trevor and real Eleanor her home. Finally we learn that there are stairs to the bedroom, which has a button to opens and it pops out.

Later the four of them go out for dinner and while learning about each other fake Eleanor notice how close Chidi and real Eleanor has gotten quickly. With those two getting along it makes fake Eleanor jealous and probably thinking that she’s going to the bad place. She lets those two go and checkout the art while her and Trevor talk and while drunk she accepts on going.

While that was playing out, Michael tries to entertain with Trevor’s gang and need Tahani’s help him with the negative attitudes. He offers them music and had a dance party, but it went south when they took over the music machine and put in racist comments from famous people, like President Nixon.

The next morning fake Eleanor wakes up with a horrible hangover as Chidi explains that the people from the bad place asked for the hangover filter to be turned off. Chidi tells her that Michael set up a meeting soon and they can walk together, but she tries to distance from him again. We see flashbacks from the episode of her dodging people of joining a group, paying for group tickets or being a team player at work. But Chidi tells her that he’ll always be there for her because they’re both in it together and that brings a smile to her face and something that she’s probably never felt before.

At the meeting, Trevor tells Michael that fake Eleanor decides to leave but when it was her turn to speak, she tells Trevor that she wants to stay. Trevor wasn’t pleased but tells Michael that he’ll get “Sean” in on this and that turned a corner for Michael and beg him not to go to “Sean (the one that makes the final decision).” But Trevor doesn’t like “Sean” either and ask Michael to make a deal and that deal was nothing and tells him and his friend “to get the fork out of here.” BOOM!!

This was another outstanding episode that deliveries so well on both humor side and emotional side. As much as we seen Eleanor’s past and present, I believe that she deserves to be in the Good Place. She tries to hide her feelings of jealously while watching Chidi and real Eleanor connecting so well. Those flashbacks reminds me of me back when I was in grade school and high school but I wasn’t a speaking person with anyone.

Both Kristen Bell and Ted Danson was outstanding once again. I couldn’t get enough of him trying to be nice to the people from the bad place or even hearing him tell Trevor “to get the fork out of his place.” That one gave me goosebumps with joy. Also they left a really nice cliffhanger when Jianyu dis caught by Tahani as she was in his secret room and figures that he is not a monk. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

You can catch The Good Place when it returns Thursday, Jan. 5th at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.