Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E05) “Why is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?”

Review: In the last episode we saw the reintroduction of Gabrielle Ruiz character Valencia. The first scene showing primal females that represent Rebecca and Valencia bonding over lice consumption. This is rather odd and humourous, then we learn when explained by Rebecca that she wants to bond with Valencia using a she read book about early man it’s rather naive.

We see in the next scene Paula at college and she ends up making a new friend Sunil who initiated conversion with Paula when he noticed that in the relationship between Rebecca and Paula, being rather one sided as Rebecca is very self involved. A further advancement of the fissure in Paula and Rebecca’s friendship.

Next scene Rebecca executes her attempt to form a relationship with Valencia and throughout the dialogue along with it being obvious Valencia’s dislike of Rebecca and lack of desire to form a relationship with her. It’s the joke about one of Valencia’s old elementary school classmate Susie Reynolds who both received her clothing from dumpsters and stole Valencia’s thrown away lunch out of the trash as young children and the reveal that she became a USA senator was a brilliant joke. The program’s dark comedy never ceases to make me laugh.

The song Thought Bubbles sung by Vincent Rodriguez III was absolute perfection emulating Jason Mraz I find that this sort of music fits Rodriguez the most. We get to see his abilities to its fullest potential. It definitely fits his voice well and the relaxing tone of the song was rather nice. The thing about the song that audience will get is the fact that it truly digs into the  average person psyche. The fact that we often think bad thoughts when is one left alone with no company. Everyone will be able to relate to this song because of course we all have had these thoughts, but for those dealing with anxiety issues it will hit even more close to home.

Next we see the introduction to the subplot with White Josh and Darryl and it’s very refreshing. The insecurities White Josh has about his and Darryl’s relationship was a genius idea. As the power couple of the series it’s wonderful to see their romance tested. I’m excited to see how this plays out in the rest of the episode.

Rebecca successfully tricked Valencia into attending The Electric Mesa the so-called San Gabriel Valley’s version of Burning Man. Not much is very interesting from that point until both Rebecca and Valencia accidentally drink the hallucinogenic drug nicknamed “Triceratops”. They then hallucinate the very first instrumental song of the program Triceratops Ballet. It was a major disappointment the production, lighting and costumes were gaudy all in all it wasn’t a very entertaining scene and musical number. The aftermath though with Valencia’s emotional breakdown and her reveal of the reality of her relationship with Josh to Rebecca was nice. I liked seeing more of Valencia’s emotional depth yet I’m still uninterested. Josh later arrival at The Electric Mesa to fix the technical difficulties of the event. Rebecca concocts an idea to pee on Josh’s equipment as revenge. She convinces Valencia to do it and proceed to do so,  when I saw it I thought “well that was just infantile and a bore”. Although it was nice to see a friendship between the two of them form and the antagonistic one they originally had finally end.

We meet one of White Josh’s exes and things take an interesting turn as we now see Darryl’s insecurities come out. The earlier introduction of this subplot has now spread to Darryl and it made it even more enticing. We later see a multitude of White Josh’s exes pass by while he and Darryl were taking a walk revealing that White Josh has a type he likes older men, men of a certain age like Darryl. Darryl then questions his relationship with White Josh whether it’s a true one or because of White Josh’s attraction to older men. I love seeing Darryl’s vulnerability and Pete Gardner’s performance sells it once again he’s a true scene stealer in the program despite his moderate amount of screen time. During the make up scene between him and his boyfriend and they tell each other how they feel it and end it with a make up kiss was just heartwarming. The ending to this subplot was the best of the whole episode possibly the highlight of this whole episode when Darryl introduces his daughter Madison to White Josh and the maturing of their relationship. I could not have asked for a better conclusion to a mostly disappointing episode.

The second subplot comes as Sunil and Paula scheme to steal the notes from a classmate from his intricate note taking program on his laptop. It was retaliation due ti the fact that the classmate refused to assist the with their note taking earlier. The sneaking into their classmate’s room and Sunil demonstrating his computer programming skills was boring I felt no excitement with any of this. I was happy when it finally ended.

The episode ends with Rebecca forming a gang with Valencia and Heather. Paula forming a friendship with Sunil. They both run into each other at the daily hang out of all the main characters the boba stand. It’s truly disheartening to see such an originally strong friendship fall apart without either party realising until it was too late.

Near the end we get to see the episode’s special guest star Brittany Snow at the end. I hope in the upcoming episodes they give her a good plotline as Josh’s new love interest.

I give this episode 1.5 stars out of 5 stars. Entirely due Darryl and White Josh’s subplot and Pete Gardner brilliant performance. If it wasn’t for that this episode would’ve received zero stars.

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Readers I want to know your thoughts leave a comment below. Now with that readers I’m Remy Nguyen and I have said my piece and now I exit until next time.