Shadowhunters: (S02E01) “The Guilty Blood”


You don’t choose your family or at least you try no to kill each other, one fondemental rule that this episode tried to remind us whe Jocelyn tried to kill Valentine who let remind you is her ex husband, yes this is a typical divorce in the Shadowhunters world or when a new “director” is put in charge of the institute no one is going to do what they want especially our main characters who has a main goal: Find Jace aka Jonathan and bring him back alive.


This episode brought a lot of intensity that wasn’t there in season 1, we can sense that this season is gonna go deeper in term of darkness, relationship are put into the test especially because Valentine is gainning his son’s trust which he hadn’t earn it at all because testing on his own son and putting demon’s blood into his systeme and beating him out because he wanted to get out with Clary aren’t how you build a relationship but by telling Jace a part of the truth, Valentine assured to have a hold on him because this what Jace always wanted to know his whole life: What happened to his father and why was he an orphan? Valentine explained that he became Micheal to escape from The Clave survaillance.Meanwhile at The Institute Clary has a reunion with her mother which was long overdue but we can’t blame her, she was in a coma for weeks and while she’s catching up on what happened that’s when Simon shows up, Jocelyn is surprised at seeing him as why is he in The Institute and surprise it is, he’s a vampire but their troubles was just getting started when Clary got a text that a reunion was in progress in the main room where Maryse Lightwood, Alec and Issy’s mother, is proclaiming a new director for The Insitute: Victor Aldertree who proclaims that Jace is still one of them and that he’ll do everthing he can to bring him back safely but not with no investigation first so this is how Clary, Alec, Izzy, Magnus, Simon and Luck find themselves being interrogated by the new head of The Institute. The only interrogation we got to see is the one of Clary where she says that Jace warned them that Valentine was coming and that everything was a trap to get a book so with no further explications Victor declare Jace Wayland as an enemy because he knew Valentine was coming and done nothing about it so Jace went from victim to most wanted man in a minute and banished Luck and Simon who are downworleder from The Institute. But that doesn’t sit well with Clary who sneaked out of The Institute disguise as Victor and went to Luck to ask for help, Luck point a little warehouse where Simon is hiding from the daylight and while Clary is heading towards it Luck calls Jocelyn to warn her that Clary is with him and that she’s safe. But Clary’s mother has a diffrent idea once she joins Clary and Simon she promise that she would Clary finding Jace by taking Jace’s gloves, Clary’s phone and locking Clary and Simon in the warehouse. Simon was trying to bust the door out with his super strenght but after two failed attempt Clary told him to stop and they sat down talking about old times when they were both “normal” and Simon was reliving a moment where they both drank some liquor [remember: don’t drink and drive] and laughed and Simon was about to tell Clary that he loves her when the door decided to fall out, great, for Clary, bad timing, for Simon and they both run out searching Clary’s pone which was with her mother which was at the hunt of Jace. In the mid-time Alec went to Magnus’sto apologies for treating Magnus like he was the last person he neede and to use his parabatai bond to find Jace. The magic wasn”t much neede: Jace was back on the mainland with Valentine who wanted him to kill some vampires using a sad story about the owner of a pizza shop that the wife turned into a vampire and killed her husband, Valentine is using Jace’s humanity against him when he heard a woman screaming inside the shop with that Jace is rushing inside it to save the humans from being eaten by an army of vampire which Jace has no difficulty to kill and leave the woman alone while their leaving the shop to continue their altercation outside. While Clary, Simon and Jocelyn find Valentine and Jace, the vampire is, using Valentine’s word, “mocking” Jace for beinf The Clave muppet” that being said Jace is struggling between killing this vampire and let Valentine win or being the good shadowhunter and letting this vampire live as we can see Clary and Simon running and joinning them Clary seems so powerless facing this situation. Well the answer is pretty quick Jace put a dagger in her heart. Menwhile Jocelyn didn’t loose her shooting range by aiming Valntine with an arrow who went straight to hit its target but that made things even worse because she was about to stab him again but Jace went to take him and they both jumped into a portal that took them far away from the scene and leaving Clary and Simon to question Jocelyn and what she just do.


This episode was actualy really thrilling and really challenging and was holding yout breath for poor Jace who really needs saving from an evil father but I think his trip into the evil side is necessary for him and him only and Clary is so not going to give up on him too. I really enjoyed the Alec and Magnus moments as the fans calls them Malec which is a cute name. In my opinion this episode missed a lot of Izzy moment even if I don’t doubt we’re gonna see her more in the following episodes but I really wanted to see her in action. This episode annouced the colors of this season, dark, deep and very twisted and I look foward to see what this season has for the fans and I heard a lot.