Teen Wolf (S06E06) “Ghosted” 

There back you guys! And they brought more surprises with them!

Lydia has a disturbing dream about Canan. It start off fine with everyone having fun but then things go terribly wrong. The Ghost Riders arrive and wipe out the whole town! Except for one. But why? After this bizarre dream Lydia urges the gang to head there, for Stiles wanted them to go. Before heading out Scott does try to get to the Sheriff one last time, but still no luck. At this point he’s losing hope slowly & patience very quickly. The gang then heads to Canan.

Meanwhile, Liam still wants to go with his plan of catching a Ghost Rider but they need a solid plan. And tools. There only option is to sneak into the storage room and grab supplies. Yet they find an unlikely guest there, Mr. Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson tries to play it cool but has no choice but to give in & make up a story. Sadly to say Liam & his girlfriend easily trust him (WHICH THEY SHOULDN’T) & get his help in there plan. Of course Mr. Jefferson isn’t enough, they need some more fire power to get the lightning they need. An guess who comes to mind. Theo. To be honest I thought there plan was going differently but no, they decided to resurrect Theo only to find out he no longer has the powers they hoped he had. But he does have his memory about Stiles and the Ghost Riders.

Lydia, Scott, & Malia have arrived in Canan. An it’s not a fun field trip it all. It’s already enough that it’s a ghost town there but now there having hallucinations! Malia sees her mom & sister dead on the ground. They almost pull her under to join them but she snaps out of it soon enough to see that it isn’t real. The same goes for Scott seeing his mom looking at him angrily only to tun around & see a huge bite mark in her head. Lydia has to step in and tell them they have to leave. The energy there is strong & dangerous.

Yet danger never stopped them before. Unless your dealing with an old crazy banshee lady who’s been in the town for 30 years. And has a demon voice child! Yeah, no pressure in escaping right! Wrong! They can’t leave. Caleb (demon ghost child) has Scott & Malia feeling powerless in the basement as they drown as the boy had long ago. While Lydia has a Banshee Scream off with the woman up stairs! (Basically this episode was like one glorious horror movie) After the scream off the lady notices that she was truly the only one left because she was a banshee & that Lydia may have the same fate. But Lydia doesn’t want to give up hope. They still want to save Stiles. Eventually her and Caleb let them go free but they stay behind.

Back at Scott’s house the conversation of a new plan to get the Ghost Rider is cut short. Scott & Malia find out Theo is back an there not in a good mood at all. As for the Sheriff he’s looking back through medical records, which his wife fiends odd. But get’s his mind off of it by saying they need new wallpaper. He goes to observe what may need to be changed, only to find a tear in the wallpaper which he decides to pull back further. He finds more then what he bargained for.

(To be honest, I just want Derek to show up! An Stiles should’ve at least had some side effect or some powers when he was Void Stiles. They should just make him into a demon again.)