Chicago Fire (S05E09): “Some Make It, Some Don’t”

The return of Chicago Fire focused primarily on relationships.

The Chicago Fire writers are great about always including a comic relief plot, and Herrman never fails to deliver. The ping pong table stirs drama between the firefighters who are all very competitive. With the dramatic plot lines happening throughout the episode, this was refreshing.

Perhaps the most worked up plot of the winter return was Kelly getting in a car crash. Fire doesn’t tap into this storyline too much, other than to set up some exposition. We know that Severide was drunk and doesn’t seem to remember anything. He also has a large cut on his forehead. It’s a good set up, but nothing too original, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Chicago PD tackles the story.

While at times Fire falls into cliques, the writers were very clever crafting Louie’s father. At first it seemed so obvious who they were making him to be – a gangster kind of father who suddenly cares. Instead, they flipped that first assumption of him into something better. We discover Louie’s father is a veteran who has only recently learned of his sons existence. But, he’s clearly not perfect, and when he doesn’t show to meet Louie, we must question if he is having second chances or did something happen?

Chicago Fire is constantly asking viewers to think deeper and that is what keeps it so successful. I found “Some Make It, Some Don’t” fresh and exciting all throughout.